Make Your Brain Work: How to Maximize Your Efficiency, Productivity and Effectiveness

  • 4h 30m
  • Amy Brann
  • Kogan Page
  • 2013

Using the latest insights from neuroscience about how our mind works and what really makes us tick, Make Your Brain Work explains how to be more effective in the workplace and to get maximum impact from minimum effort.

Author Amy Brann is an expert in brain science, and she has distilled its key findings into non-technical, practical guidance. She presents an entirely different type of training: training based on the science of the mind. Offering soft skills training through the lens of neuroscience, her engaging book helps readers discover how to function at the top of their capabilities and learn the habits, techniques and behaviors that will get positive results. Challenges addressed include: frustration with management, work-life balance, motivating people and achieving goals. Make Your Brain Work shows readers how to leave stress, negative moods and poor time management behind and become more efficient at work.

About the Author

Amy Brann studied medicine at University College London. During her second year of medical school, she read about how the mind actually works and interacts with the body. When she also came across Coaching as a profession, she chose the opportunity to spend the rest of her life studying people, learning more about the mind and applying that to help people live more enjoyable productive lives.

Through her business, Synaptic Potential, she now works with many companies to help them better understand their teams, clients and organizations as a whole. Brann is the creator of the online community, "Neuroscience in Business" and is hosting the forthcoming "Neuroscience in Business" conference.

In this Book

  • Can a Marshmallow Predict Your Success?: What Happens When Planning isn't Enough and Your Sense of Control is Giving Way to a Feeling of Being Overwhelmed
  • Is Your Hippopotamus Under Attack?: What is Really Going on When Everything Seems to be Going Wrong and Your Stress Levels Feel as If They're Soaring?
  • Learning How to Influence What Feels Out of Your Control
  • The Challenge of Being Everything to Everyone: The Hidden Depth and Revealed Simplicity of Time Management
  • Is a Busy Brain a Clever Brain?: How You Learn New Things and How to Optimize That Process
  • Getting Results Easily and With Less Effort: How to Master Productive Habits and Programme Yourself to Achieve What is Important to You
  • Working and Living in Balance: How to Design and Create Your World to Work Optimally
  • Upgrading Your Life One Step at a Time: How to Get to Grips with What Your Brain Needs to Help You Achieve Your Goals
  • The Minefield of Motivating People: The Vital Aspects of Motivation That aren't Usually Mentioned
  • Transforming Meetings: How to Make Meetings You Dread a Thing of the Past
  • Making Every Presentation Count: The Most Efficient Preparation Techniques and Strategies to Deliver Results-Oriented Presentations
  • Appearing Competent to Others: Understanding How You Remember Things and Others Forget Things
  • Leading With Your Brain Switched On: The Model That Brings Cutting-Edge Neuroscience into the World of Leadership
  • Simply Authentic Sales: Understanding the Brain You are Selling to, Enabling You to be Clean and Professional
  • Managing People, Managing Brains: What People's Brains Wished You Knew



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