Malcolm McDonald on Value Propositions: How to Develop Them, How to Quantify Them

  • 3h 6m
  • Grant Oliver, Malcolm McDonald
  • Kogan Page
  • 2019

A value proposition is an innovation or feature that clarifies a company's core purpose and identity. In the same way profit lies at the heart of every business, so does the value proposition, communicating how its service or products fulfil the needs of their customers. While many organizations understand the importance of having a clearly defined value proposition to help them become more profitable, many businesses struggle to use them effectively. Malcolm McDonald on Value Propositions is a step-by-step guide to understanding exactly why financially quantified value propositions will help readers to increase revenue and deliver tangible results.

Highly practical and filled with useful tools and checklists, this succinct guide explains the process of developing a value proposition from start to finish, how to use segmentation appeal to the relevant key accounts, and to ensure it is both financially grounded and has resonance with customers. From understanding how buying decisions are made, through to financial dashboards and value quantification tools, Malcolm McDonald on Value Propositions is perfect for anyone looking to integrate financial success into their proposition, and gain understanding of how it can be used to deliver and communicate value.

About the Authors

Professor Malcolm McDonald is Emeritus Professor at Cranfield & Honorary Professor at Warwick Business School. He is Chairman of six companies, and works with the operating boards of some of the world's leading multinationals. He has written over 40 books including the best-selling Marketing Plans: How to prepare them, how to use them.

Grant Oliver is MD at 90 Day Action Plan, and has over 20 years' experience in software and management consultancy. He has been interim IT director in the NHS, Finance Director of a software company, and Non-Executive Director of a Housing Association.

In this Book

  • An Important Introduction—Getting the Best Out of Your Value Proposition
  • How Financially Quantified Value Propositions Will Make You Richer
  • Quantifying the Emotional Elements of Value Propositions
  • What Exactly is a Financially Quantified Value Proposition?
  • An Overview of the Value Proposition Process – Where to Start
  • Why it is Critical to Understand How Key Buying Decisions are Made
  • Which Key Accounts Should You Develop Value Propositions for?
  • Which Segments Should You Develop Value Propositions for?
  • Understanding Key Account and Segment Needs before Building a Value Proposition
  • Understanding Our Own Asset Base and Capabilities
  • Developing Value Propositions
  • Creating and Financially Quantifying Value Propositions
  • Developing and Presenting Value Propositions That Resonate with Customers
  • Value-Celling—How to Maximize Value Creation in Supply Chains
  • Financial Analysis, Value Quantification Tools and Financial Dashboards
  • Summary of the Value Proposition Process