Manager of Choice: 5 Competencies for Cultivating Top Talent

  • 3h 33m
  • Nancy S. Ahlrichs
  • Intercultural Press
  • 2003

Some managers are good at processes, projects, and budgets—but the future belongs to those who can manage human capital. With employees’ job choices more plentiful than ever before, maximizing retention means managers must cultivate loyalty and job satisfaction. In today’s business reality, employees expect more than just a paycheck, and they will reward their “manager of choice” with the extra effort and commitment that distinguish top-performing teams.

About the Author

Nancy S. Ahlrichs, SPHR, is a consultant, columnist, and national speaker on human resource and management issues. She currently heads up EOC Strategies, LLC. Previously, she was director of organization evolution at ONEX, Inc., an Indianapolis-based high-tech consulting and recruiting firm. Her experience with large companies, small firms, and start-ups gives her clear insight into issues that affect all organizations. Author of Competing for Talent, Ahlrichs frequently writes guest columns for professional magazines and business newspapers.

In this Book

  • The Business Case for Becoming a Manager of Choice
  • Managing with Whatever It Takes (WIT)
  • Organizational Culture—How We Do Things Around Here
  • Management Metrics That Matter
  • Talent Scouter
  • Relationship Builder
  • Trust Builder
  • Skill Builder
  • Brand Builder
  • Conclusion—Making MOC Status a Reality
  • Bibliography