Managing Politics and Conflict in Projects

  • 2h 41m
  • Brian Irwin
  • Management Concepts
  • 2008

Managing Politics and Conflict in Projects is an easy-to-read, no-nonsense guide that walks you through the soft issues of project management, including communicating, negotiating, and influencing skills that are vital to your project success. Understand your organization s political climate and culture and ascend the corporate ladder to the next level as a project manager. Learn how to deal with political issues requiring complex organizational and interpersonal skills, using valuable review points, tips, and a fictional narrative illustrating the book's main points.

  • Improve and develop your leadership, interpersonal, and communications skills
  • Negotiate your political environment
  • Acknowledge and overcome challenges inherent in project management
  • Enhance your career by effectively using politics and conflict
  • Recognize and interpret the barriers to communication
  • Be prepared to enter into a negotiation
  • Overcome cultural challenges

With forewords by Claudia M. Baca and Ginger Levin, Managing Politics and Conflict in Projects is a resource that will guide you through the inevitable challenges of any project management environment. Leverage politics to your advantage through a deeper understanding of organizational culture and dynamics.

About the Author

Brian Irwin, MSM, PMP, has more than 15 years of project experience in diverse industries including personal computers, engineering, information technology, aerospace, and defense. He is currently the president of PM Team Dynamics, a project management consulting firm specializing in project audits, troubled project assessment and recovery, and project startup facilitation. Mr. Irwin holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Science in Management with a specialization in Project Management from Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

In this Book

  • Managing Politics and Conflict in Projects
  • Forewords
  • Understanding the Project Environment
  • Politics—Project Management Fact-of-Life
  • Conflict—Don’t Fear the Inevitable
  • Project Stakeholders
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Multidirectional Relationship Management
  • Devising a Political Strategy
  • The Leadership Element
  • Implications