Managing Supply Chain Risk: Integrating with Risk Management

  • 3h 46m
  • Bret Wagner, Sime Curkovic, Thomas Scannell
  • CRC Press
  • 2016

Risk management in supply chain logistics has moved from being a nice-to-have to a necessity due to the number of variables that can cripple a business. Managing Supply Chain Risk: Integrating with Risk Management details the critical factors involved in managing supply chain risk. It discusses how managing supply chain risk can be integrated into Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) applications, focusing on the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO), Failure Mode Effects and Analysis (FMEA), and International Organization of Standards (ISO) 31000:2009 frameworks.

The book focuses on the structure, implementation, and maintenance of a formal system for managing risks in the supply chain. Using data from firms and supply chain managers, the authors identify which factors have a critical impact on the decision to develop a system for managing supply chain risks and also explain how these factors can influence the level of success. They then detail how you can leverage these factors into a competitive advantage.

However, the success of your supply chain risk management integration requires more than simply creating a new program or department. This major undertaking does not happen in a vacuum, rather it is a response to a number of factors or influences. And these factors can act to pre-condition the firm and its systems to the introduction and acceptance of, and progress on managing supply chain risks. Yet, no book has empirically identified these factors and explained how you can overcome resistance and make managing risks an integral part of your supply chain management. Until now.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Using FMEA for Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Supply Chain Risk Management within the Context of COSO'S Enterprise Risk Management Framework
  • Integration of ISO 31000:2009 and Supply Chain Risk Management
  • ISO 31000:2009 Enterprise and Supply Chain Risk Management: A Longitudinal Study
  • A Longitudinal Study of Supply Chain Risk Management Relative to COSO's Enterprise Risk Management Framework
  • Global Procurement and Supply Risk Management Processes at Steelcase Inc.
  • Feedback from Managers


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