Managing the Testing Process: Practical Tools and Techniques for Managing Hardware and Software Testing

  • 10h 58m
  • Rex Black
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2002

In this update of his bestselling book, Rex Black walks you through how to develop essential tools and apply them to your test project. He helps you master the basic tools, apply the techniques to manage your resources, and give each area just the right amount of attention so that you can successfully survive managing a test project!

Offering a thorough review of the tools and resources you will need to manage both large and small projects for hardware and software, this book prepares you to adapt the concepts across a broad range of settings. Simple and effective, the tools comply with industry standards and bring you up to date with the best test management practices and tools of leading hardware and software vendors. Rex Black draws from his own numerous testing experiences--including the bad ones, so you can learn from his mistakes--to provide you with insightful tips in test project management. He explores such topics as:

  • Dates, budgets, and quality–expectations versus reality
  • Fitting the testing process into the overall development or maintenance process
  • How to choose and when to use test engineers and technicians, contractors and consultants, and external test labs and vendors
  • Setting up and using an effective and simple bug-tracking database
  • Following the status of each test case

About the Author

Rex Black is the President and Principal Consultant of Rex Black Consulting Services, Inc., an international software and hardware testing and quality assurance consultancy, training, and staffing for testing, test automation, and quality assurance projects. His clients include Bank One, Cisco, Compaq, Dell, Hitachi, Motorola, and Sun. In addition to his best-selling book, Black has published articles in Software Testing and Quality Engineering and The Journal for Software Testing Professionals. He is a frequent and sought-after speaker and presenter at conferences, and also offers public and private training seminars.

In this Book

  • Defining What's on Your Plate: The Foundation of a Test Project
  • Plotting and Presenting Your Course: The Test Plan
  • Test System Architecture, Cases, and Coverage
  • An Exciting Career in Entomology Awaits You: A Bug Tracking Database
  • Managing Test Cases: The Test Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Tips and Tools for Crunch Time: Managing the Dynamic
  • Stocking and Managing a Test Lab
  • Staffing and Managing a Test Team
  • The Triumph of Politics: Organizational Challenges for Test Managers
  • Involving Other Players: Distributing a Test Project
  • Testing in Context: Economics, Life Cycles, and Process Maturity