Managing Workplace Chaos: Solutions for Handling Information, Paper, Time, and Stress

  • 3h 18m
  • Patricia J. Hutchings
  • 2002

On any given workday, average office workers are forced to contend with countless e-mails, stacks of memos, endless meetings, and non-stop phone calls--and then they have to get their work done! It's a wonder when businesspeople can manage their time, incoming information, and subsequent stress without becoming victims of office burnout. But in this one comprehensive guide, businesspeople can learn how to triumph in all three of these segments of their working lives.

This book shows employees how to control all the chaos of the workplace by learning new skills such as:

  • Speed and comprehension development for more effective reading
  • Effective goal setting through the creation of a Master Activity list
  • Action steps to combat situational, physical, and emotional stress

Filled with examples, anecdotes, quizzes, and worksheets, this book also features a special Stress Inventory test. This invaluable book gives readers the tools to keep office chaos at bay, both on their desks and in their minds.

About the Authors

Patricia J. Hutchings is a dynamic and talented presenter who is committed to helping people find value in their lives and in the workplace. The emphasis in her programs is on empowerment. Hutchings believes in the inherent abilities of all her participants and skillfully facilitates their process of self-discovery. She has conducted intensive personal and professional development programs for more than sixty-five thousand people in fourteen countries.

In this Book

  • Upgrade Your Reading Ability
  • The Importance of Purposeful Reading
  • Memory and Recall
  • Discover Your View of Time
  • Productivity Skills
  • Effective Time Communication Skills
  • The Burnout Factor
  • Take a Look Back at Your Stressors . . . And Ahead at Balance
  • Finding Your Way to Balance
  • Application Strategies
  • P.S.
  • Endnotes
  • Recommended Reading