Maritime Logistics: A Guide to Contemporary Shipping and Port Management, Third Edition

  • 9h 9m
  • Photis Panayides, Professor Dong-Wook Song
  • Kogan Page
  • 2021

Sea freight remains overwhelmingly the most common form of transport for goods globally. Grasp the core theories and understand the latest research in maritime logistics, along with how this field operates and contributes to global supply chains, with this key textbook.

Maritime Logistics provides a complete overview of the core concepts within this discipline from a range of international expert contributors. This textbook examines the recent developments in the ports and shipping industries including supply chain strategies and emerging, innovative practices. Designed for maritime students and professionals, the structure offers a complete approach with an emphasis on developing a well-rounded knowledge and understanding of the field.

The third edition is fully updated with new content on maintenance optimization, supply chain integration, economies of scale within liner shipping and port performance and management. In addition, this edition examines new technologies, considers new and existing risks to the maritime supply chain as well as generally how maritime logistics will continue to evolve. For those seeking to become maritime logistics specialists, this is the authoritative companion.

In this Book

  • Introduction to Maritime Logistics
  • Maritime Transport and Logistics as a Trade Facilitator
  • International Maritime Trade and Logistics
  • Defining Maritime Logistics and its Value
  • Hinterland Logistics and Global Supply Chains
  • Human Elements in Maritime Logistics
  • Intermodal Freight Transport and Logistics
  • Global Maritime Networks in Container Shipping—Liner Service Design, Network Configuration and Port Centrality
  • Supply Chain Integration of Shipping Companies
  • Logistics Strategy in Container Shipping
  • Tanker Shipping Logistics
  • Dry Bulk Shipping Logistics
  • Dry Ports in Concept and Practice
  • Port-Centric Logistics in Concept and Practice
  • Container Hub Ports in Concept and Practice
  • Multinationalizing Container Ports—Business Models and Strategies
  • Public-Private Partnerships and Port Logistics Performance
  • Port and Logistics Chains—Changes in Organizational Effectiveness
  • Logistics Performance of Supply Chain-Oriented Ports
  • Looking Ahead