Mastering BEA WebLogic Server: Best Practices for Building and Deploying J2EE Applications

  • 14h 34m
  • Gregory Nyberg, Robert Patrick, et al.
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2003

Written by leading experts in the field, this advanced-level book provides best practices for developing and deploying WebLogic Server 8.1 applications. The authors share their real-world experience with WebLogic Server and its features to help you understand not only how things can be done, but also how things should be done. They walk you through different design solutions, architectures, construction techniques, deployment options, and management techniques, explaining the benefits of each alternative. A realistic example application that leverages key technologies such as JSP, Jakarta Struts, JMS, EFB, and Web Services is also built and deployed to help illustrate selected techniques and best practices.

Each decision made during the development and deployment of the applications is discussed in detail, providing insight and direction for similar decisions in your own efforts.

The best practices presented cover a wide range of topics, ranging from Web application and EJB development recommendations to advanced administration, performance tuning, and configuration techniques. With these best practices, you’ll quickly learn how to:

  • Choose an appropriate architecture for your WebLogic Server application
  • Package and deploy WebLogic Server applications properly
  • Leverage the latest EJB, JMS, Security, and Web services features available in WebLogic Server 8.1
  • Deliver and troubleshoot scalable high-performance systems
  • Configure and manage your development, test, and production environments for optimum productivity and performance

About the Authors

Gregory Nyberg is a technical architect, focusing on the development of enterprise J2EE applications using BEA WebLogic Server.

Robert Patrick is Senior Director of Technology at BEA Systems, specializing in designing and troubleshooting large-scale systems built with BEA WebLogic Server.

Paul Bauerschmidt is a former software engineer in the WebLogic Server Security Team at BEA Systems.

Jeff McDaniel is Senior Director of the Technical Solutions Group at BEA Systems.

Raja Mukherjee is Director of Systems Engineering at BEA Systems.

In this Book

  • Mastering BEA WebLogic Server—Best Practices for Building and Deploying J2EE Applications
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Building Web Applications in WebLogic
  • Choosing a Web Application Architecture
  • Designing an Example J2EE Application
  • Chapter 4: Building an Example Web Application
  • Chapter 5: Packaging and Deploying WebLogic Web Applications
  • Chapter 6: Building Enterprise JavaBeans in WebLogic Server
  • Chapter 7: Building an Example EJB Application
  • Chapter 8: Packaging and Deploying WebLogic EJB Applications
  • Using WebLogic JMS
  • Using WebLogic Security
  • Administering and Deploying Applications in WebLogic Server
  • Optimizing WebLogic Server Performance
  • Development Environment Best Practices
  • Production Environment Best Practices
  • Developing and Deploying Web Services