Mastering Cloud Computing: Foundations and Applications Programming

  • 8h 58m
  • Christian Vecchiola, Rajkumar Buyya, S. Thamarai Selvi
  • Elsevier Science and Technology Books, Inc.
  • 2013

Mastering Cloud Computing is designed for undergraduate students learning to develop cloud computing applications. Tomorrow's applications won't live on a single computer but will be deployed from and reside on a virtual server, accessible anywhere, any time. Tomorrow's application developers need to understand the requirements of building apps for these virtual systems, including concurrent programming, high-performance computing, and data-intensive systems.

The book introduces the principles of distributed and parallel computing underlying cloud architectures and specifically focuses on virtualization, thread programming, task programming, and map-reduce programming. There are examples demonstrating all of these and more, with exercises and labs throughout, and a live environment on the Aneka platform where you can experiment and test your work.

  • Explains how to make design choices and tradeoffs to consider when building applications to run in a virtual cloud environment
  • Test and experiment with a live cloud system on the Aneka platform
  • Real-world case studies include scientific, business, and energy-efficiency considerations

About the Authors

Dr. Rajkumar Buyya is Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering; and Director of the Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems (CLOUDS) Laboratory at the University of Melbourne, Australia. He is also serving as the founding CEO of Manjrasoft Pty Ltd., a spin-off company of the University, commercialising its innovations in Grid and Cloud Computing. He received "Research Excellence Awards" from the University of Melbourne for productive and quality research in computer science and software engineering in 2005 and 2008, and the "2009 IEEE Medal for Excellence in Scalable Computing" for pioneering the economic paradigm for utility-oriented distributed computing platforms such as Grids and Clouds.

Christian Vecchiola is a research member at the IBM Research Lab Australia, located in Melbourne and Research Fellow at the School of Engineering, at the University of Melbourne. His areas of interest include technologies and infrastructures for a smarter planet, disaster management and resilience, cloud computing, and software engineering.

Dr. S. Thamarai Selvi, Professor and Head of the Department of Information Technology at Madras Institute of Technology, Anna University, Chennai, India

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Principles of Parallel and Distributed Computing
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Computing Architecture
  • Aneka—Cloud Application Platform
  • Concurrent Computing—Thread Programming
  • High-Throughput Computing—Task Programming
  • Data-Intensive Computing—MapReduce Programming
  • Cloud Platforms in Industry
  • Cloud Applications
  • Advanced Topics in Cloud Computing
  • References