Media Interview Techniques: A Complete Guide to Media Training

  • 3h 40m
  • Robert Taylor
  • Kogan Page
  • 2016

A practical guide to preparing for, conducting, and evaluating the success of media interviews, this book is based on communications expert Robert Taylor's eight-step methodology for polished and confident interview delivery across a range of platforms--TV, radio, internet, and video. Taylor explains how to handle nerves, voice and body language, communicate in a crisis, answer unfair questions, know when to decline interviews, win over skeptical audiences, and create a resonant message.

About the Author

Robert Taylor is founder and lead media trainer at Robert Taylor Communications. He has helped politicians, ambassadors and other embassy officials, senior executives, and company directors improve their interview skills and become more effective speakers.

In this Book

  • Why do a Media Interview?
  • Preparing for Your Interview
  • How to Create a Resonant Message
  • Keeping Your Cool
  • Voice and Body Language
  • The Perfect Tone of Voice
  • Keeping Control of the Interview
  • Winning Over Sceptical and Hostile Audiences
  • Crisis Media Interviews
  • Capitalizing on Your Interview


Channel Interviewing
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