Mediation: A Concept for Information and Communication Sciences

  • 2h 12m
  • Jacqueline Deschamps
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2019

Mediation is a very old practice that has been reborn to meet the needs of the contemporary world. It is thus increasingly present in today's societies. This book presents the theoretical foundations of mediation, as well as the way in which teachers and researchers in Information and Communication Sciences (ICS) have taken up this concept. Whether it is communicational, informational, cultural, organizational or societal, mediation belongs to a field of research, instituted by ICS, which sees in it a process of overcoming conflict, restoring communication and deconstructing social connections.

Mediation: A Concept for Information and Communication Sciences inaugurates this set through its contribution to a state of the art of the theory and concepts used by the ICS community. It is addressed to teachers, researchers and students, as well as information professionals wishing to think about their daily practice.

About the Author

Jacqueline Deschamps is a former professor of the Information and Documentation Science (information documentaire) department at the Geneva School of Business Administration (HEG/University of Applied Sciences, Western Switzerland). She is currently continuing her research in ICS.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Exploring the Concept
  • The Constituent Elements of Mediation
  • The Organization of Mediations
  • Time and Mediation
  • Communicational Mediations
  • Informational Mediations
  • Cultural Mediations
  • Organizational Mediations
  • Societal Mediations
  • Conclusion
  • References