Mentoring in Action: A Practical Guide, 2nd Edition

  • 4h 39m
  • David Megginson, et al.
  • Kogan Page
  • 2006

Mentoring continues to be one of the fastest growing techniques in human resource management. It’s viewed as being an essential building block of modern management development. Can one technique apply to pupils making a transfer from school to work and to the most senior executives? What is mentoring and why is it so popular?

Now in its second edition, Mentoring in Action answers these questions plus many more and continues to examine a variety of mentoring schemes through a multitude of new, insightful case studies. Updated and restructured to provide a thorough overview of mentoring, the book includes:

  • making a mentoring culture;
  • frameworks for a mentoring episode;
  • principles of scheme design;
  • techniques in mentoring;
  • the shape of a mentoring relationship;
  • mentoring moments.

Packed with examples, this innovative approach to a fascinating subject makes vital reading for managers, professionals, consultants, students, mentors and those they mentor.

In this Book

  • The Mentoring Framework
  • Case Studies
  • Case Studies
  • Applying the Lessons
  • Further Reading from Kogan Page


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