Mentoring Pocketbook, 3rd Edition

  • 28m
  • Bob Garvey, Geof Alred
  • Management Pocketbooks
  • 2010

The Mentoring Pocketbook - now in its third edition - shows how to design and manage a mentoring scheme, how to prepare to be a mentor, how to conduct mentoring sessions, how to maintain the relationship through the different stages and how to evaluate mentoring. Before looking at the actual mentoring process, the authors deal with the uses of mentoring within organisations (particularly in the context of managing change and mission/value statements) and explain how mentoring differs from coaching, training and appraisals. The process of mentoring is explained with the aid of a 3-stage model. This can be used to assess yourself as a mentor, as a map to guide you through the process, as a review tool and as a means to develop the mentee's ability to use the model independently. Subsequent chapters explore the mentor-mentee relationship and address key issues and questions. Although primarily aimed at the mentor, The Mentoring Pocketbook is also helpful to mentees. A consistently best-selling title within the Management Pocketbooks Series!

About the Authors

Geof has wide experience of education, training and professional development. He is a counsellor and counsellor trainer. His consultancy and research interests include mentoring and learning in organisations.

Bob is leader of the Coaching and Mentoring Research Unit at Sheffield Hallam University. He works with individuals and organisations helping them to understand and apply mentoring in the work place. He has published extensively on the subject of mentoring in both academic and professional journals. Bob is both a mentor and a mentee.

In this Book

  • Mentoring Pocketbook, 3rd Edition
  • How to Use This Pocketbook
  • Mentoring in Organisations
  • Thinking about Mentoring
  • The Mentoring Process
  • Working Together
  • Mentoring Schemes
  • Issues & Questions
  • Further Information