Michael Allen's Online Learning Library: Successful e-Learning Interface: Making Learning Technology Polite, Effective, and Fun

  • 3h 2m
  • Michael W. Allen
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2011

Most e-learning that is produced for classroom training is created using instructional models that were introduced more than thirty years ago. To update design solutions for today's online learners, Michael Allen's e- Learning Library offers a review of the basics of instructional design and then lifts the lid on some common misconceptions that arise from what people think they know about ISD. Michael Allen's e- Learning Library is designed to help use time and resources effectively and to build the best e-learning experiences possible. Filled with illustrative examples, the book is pragmatic and contains easy-to-apply solutions.

Successful e-Learning Interface is the third book in the Michael Allen's e-Learning Library series. Using this hands-on resource will maximize your CEO impact--connect, empower, and orchestrate. You will understand how to connect with your learners, how to empower learners to make the most of e-learning's capabilities, and how to orchestrate learning events.

About the Author

Michael W. Allen pioneered multimedia learning technologies, interactive instructional paradigms, and rapid-prototyping processes, bringing each forward into leading corporate enterprises. He is the chairman and CEO of Allen Interactions Inc., a company that builds universally acclaimed custom e-learning, provides strategic learning consulting, and trains e-learning professionals in collaboration with ASTD. With a Ph.D. in educational psychology from The Ohio State University, he is an adjunct associate professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School, a popular conference speaker, and a prolific writer.

In this Book

  • Michael Allen’s e-Learning Library — Successful e-Learning Interface — Making Learning Technology Polite, Effective, and Fun
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Challenges - User Interface vs. Learner Interface
  • Design Magic
  • Introducing the CEO of LID
  • CCAF
  • C Is for Connect
  • E Is for Empower
  • O Is for Orchestrate
  • Fatal Attractions
  • Doing the Right Things Versus Doing Things Right
  • Examples
  • UI vs. LI Challenge Answers
  • Learner Interface Design Guidelines