Microsoft Access 2007 Data Analysis

  • 7h 1m
  • Michael Alexander
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2007

Data analysis is more than crunching numbers and turning them into charts and graphs. Certainly Excel can do that, but you may be surprised to discover that Access 2007 offers powerful functionality that may be even better suited to your data analysis needs. Learn to analyze large amounts of data in meaningful ways, quickly and easily slice it into various views, automate redundant analysis, and save time, all using Access. If you know a bit about table structures and formulas as well as data analysis, start thinking outside the chart.

  • Apply Access 2007 to the task of collecting, transforming, analyzing, and presenting data
  • Create custom functions, perform batch analysis, and develop automated procedures that essentially run themselves
  • Build effective query skills
  • Learn to clean and shape raw data, create and utilize custom calculations, work with dates, and perform advanced time analysis
  • Work with SQL statements, PivotTables, and PivotCharts
  • Perform advanced statistical analysis using subqueries and domain aggregate functions
  • See how to use macros and Visual Basic® for Applications to enhance data analysis

In this Book

  • The Case for Data Analysis in Access
  • Access Basics
  • Beyond Select Queries
  • Transforming your Data with Access
  • Working with Calculations and Dates
  • Performing Conditional Analysis
  • Understanding and Using SQL
  • Subqueries and Domain Aggregate Functions
  • Running Descriptive Statistics in Access
  • Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  • Scheduling and Running Batch Analysis
  • Leveraging VBA to Enhance Data Analysis
  • Query Performance, Database Corruption, and Other Final Thoughts


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