Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500) - A Certification Guide

  • 8h 48m
  • Jayant Sharma
  • BPB Publications
  • 2021

‘Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500) - A Certification Guide’ is a certification guide that helps IT professionals to start their careers as Azure Security Specialists by clearing the AZ-500 certification and proving their knowledge of Azure security services. Authored by an Azure security professional, this book takes readers through a series of steps to gain a deeper insight into Azure security services.

This book will help readers to understand key concepts of the Azure AD architecture and various methods of hybrid authentication. It will help readers to use Azure AD security solutions like Azure MFA, Conditional Access, and PIM. It will help readers to maintain various industry standards for an Azure environment through Azure Policies and Azure Blueprints. This book will also help to build a secure Azure network using Azure VPN, Azure Firewall, Azure Front Door, Azure WAF, and other services. It will provide readers with a clear understanding of various security services, including Azure Key vault, Update management, Microsoft Endpoint Protection, Azure Security Center, and Azure Sentinel in detail.

This book will facilitate the improvement of readers' abilities with Azure Security services to sprint to a rewarding career.

What you will learn

  • ● Configuring secure authentication and authorization for Azure AD identities.
  • ● Advanced security configuration for Azure compute and network services.
  • ● Hosting and authorizing secure applications in Azure.
  • ● Best practices to secure Azure SQL and storage services.
  • ● Monitoring Azure services through Azure monitor, security center, and Sentinel.
  • ● Designing and maintaining a secure Azure IT infrastructure.

In this Book

  • Managing Azure AD Identities and Application Access
  • Configuring Secure Access by Using Azure Active Directory
  • Managing Azure Access Control
  • Implementing Advance Network Security
  • Configuring Advance Security for Compute
  • Configuring Container Security
  • Monitoring Security by Using Azure Monitor
  • Monitoring Security by Using Azure Security Center
  • Monitoring Security by Using Azure Sentinel
  • Configuring Security for Azure Storage
  • Configuring Security for Azure SQL Databases