Microsoft Dynamics CRM API Development for Online and On-Premise Environments

  • 57m
  • Mark Beckner, Triston Arisawa
  • Apress
  • 2013

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a robust API that includes web services and an extensive SDK. As you develop CRM Plugins and custom integrations, you will find that there are many complexities and challenges associated with successfully interacting with this API.

In order to ensure that you have all of the tools necessary to achieve success with CRM development, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 API Development presents the essential aspects of API development including plugin development and registration. In addition to Plugins, you will work through building out several integrations that work with both the SDK and the Web Service layer. You will also build a C# application that creates records within CRM using the API, work with Scribe Online for integration and migration, design reports that read data from CRM using FetchXML, and interact with the OData REST service using JScript. Once you’ve worked through the various topics presented, you will find that you will have the advanced skills required for working with CRM 2011 Online and On Premises.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to develop, test, and deploy CRM Plugins
  • Create custom integrations using the CRM API
  • Create applications that interface with the SDK and CRM Web Services
  • Use JScript to read and write data using the OData REST service
  • Design SSRS reports that interact with CRM using FetchXML

Who this book is for

Experienced Microsoft Dynamics CRM developers new to version 2011, and all CRM developers new to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Also for C# developers wanting to learn Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

About the Authors

Mark Beckner is a technical consultant specializing in business development and enterprise application integration. He runs his own consulting firm, Inotek Consulting Group, LLC, delivering innovative solutions to large corporations and small businesses. His projects have included engagements with numerous clients throughout the U.S., and range in nature from mobile application development to complete integration solutions. He has previously authored BizTalk 2010 Recipes, Pro EDI in BizTalk Server 2006 R2, and Pro RFID in BizTalk Server 2009, and has spoken at a number of venues including Microsoft TechEd. In addition to BizTalk, he works with SharePoint, MSCRM, and custom .NET development.

Triston Arisawa brings a broad range of talents to any engagement, ranging from computer sciences to the culinary arts. He has extensive experience in the health care industry, working primarily with Microsoft BizTalk for HIPPA-compliant EDI solutions, utilizing many of the common EDI formats found in health care technology today. Specifically, he has managed several EDI projects involving small teams for EDI 834, 835, and 837 transactions. He has developed a number of Dynamics CRM solutions. Whether it's plugins or custom JavaScript for CRM 4.0, CRM 2011, 2013 on-premise or online—no project is too big or too small. Triston translates his desire for quality BizTalk and CRM implementations directly into success for his clients. He also makes one mean dragon roll (he has worked as a sushi chef in a variety of ritzy locations, including Aspen, Colorado). Triston holds several degrees, including a BS in Computer Information Systems, a BAS in Business Management, an AAS in Computer Aided Design, and an AAS in Culinary Arts.

In this Book

  • Plugins and Workflow Activities
  • .NET Apps and the CRM SDK
  • Integration and Migration
  • JScript and the REST Endpoint API
  • Reporting