MIT Sloan Management Review on Leading Through Disruption

  • 1h 21m
  • MIT Sloan Management Review
  • MIT Sloan Management Review
  • 2018

What effect can disruption have on strategy? What are the best ways to keep your company going when a disruptive technology affects your industry?

In this collection of articles from MIT Sloan Management Review, you'll learn the answers to these questions, as well as:

  • how digitization affects companies and the best ways to react to this disruption
  • four tests for identifying how your company should choose to work through disruption
  • the stages business models go through over time
  • how the ways people react to digital disruption impact its effect on their organizations
  • skills skills that are essential for dealing with the modern world
  • some measures for preparing for the worst possible fallout from Brexit
  • four key elements of the theory of disruption

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • The Best Response to Digital Disruption
  • Why Entrepreneurs Should Care Less About Disrupting and More About Creating
  • The Hard Truth About Business Model Innovation
  • Digital Disruption Is a People Problem
  • Will, Skill, and Velocity: Survival Skills for a Digital World
  • How to Prepare for a Brexit-Size Disruption
  • How Useful Is the Theory of Disruptive Innovation?


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