Mobile Payment

  • 2h 35m
  • Thomas Lerner
  • Springer
  • 2013
  • Mobile makes the world go round
  • With case studies and examples
  • Important aspects of mobile payment

Paying with mobile devices such as mobile phones or smart phones will expand worldwide in the coming years. This development provides opportunities for various industries (banking, telecommunications, credit card business, manufacturers, suppliers, retail) and for consumers.

The book comprehensively describes current status, trends and critical aspects of successful mobile payment. It combines theory and practice. Comprising essential aspects of a successful mobile payment as well as successful case studies and practical examples, this book is for all who are developing, offering and using mobile payment.

About the Author

Thomas Lerner has been an adviser to banks, telecommunications and industrial companies since the 1990s and works in mobile business/payment in different projects with banks and telecommunications companies.

In this Book

  • History, Technology and Commerce
  • The Market
  • Strategies
  • Mobile Technology and Security
  • Innovation Management
  • Case Studies
  • International Comparisons
  • Summary
  • Index of Abbreviations
  • References