Modeling and Control of Engines and Drivelines

  • 10h 42m
  • Lars Eriksson, Lars Nielsen
  • John Wiley & Sons (UK)
  • 2014

A reference guide to modeling, analysis, and control of engines and drivelines

  • A reference manual for engineers and an introduction for students in the areas of modeling, analysis, and control of engines and drivelines
  • Covers the basic dynamics of internal combustion engines and drivelines
  • Discusses the goals that engine control design system aims for, and how these targets can be achieved
  • Provides a set of standard models and includes examples and case studies
  • Includes an overview of hybrid vehicles and powertrains

Modeling and Control of Engines and Drivelines provides an introduction to the subject of modeling, analysis, and control of engines and drivelines. The aim of the book is to provide a set of standard models and serve as a reference material for engineers in the field.

Modeling and Control of Engines and Drivelines highlights the interplay between the engine and driveline systems, and the integration between systems that is needed for successfully engineering a complete vehicle powertrain. In addition it also emphasises that systems should be designed such that they can be maintained and diagnosed over the vehicle life time, which is also an important engineering task in the development of control systems.

About the Author

Lars Eriksson is an Associate Professor of Vehicular Systems at Linköping University with main responsibility for the engine control laboratory. Since 1994, he has been working as a researcher in the field of modeling and control of engines and drivelines with research that is performed in close collaboration with industry. This provides good contact with practicing engineers and who are then able to offer their input when new research results are integrated into course curriculums. As a teacher he has developed and taught several courses on this subject, both at the university and for industry. At Linköping University he is responsible for the course “Modeling and Control of Engines and Drivelines” which has been given on the subject since 1998 and he is also a regular lecturer for the module “Basics of SI engine control” on the Powertrain Engineering Programme at IFP School in Paris.

Since 1992, Lars Nielsen has been a Professor of Vehicular Systems holding the Sten Gustafsson chair at Linköping University. His main research interests are in automotive modeling, control, and diagnosis, and he has been active in all aspects of this field during its expansion and growth since the nineties. His supervision has led to thirty graduate exams, in many cases with significant industrial participation. The collaboration aspect has also been strong in his role as center director for two large centers of excellence (ECSEL 1996-2002, LINK-SIC 2010- ). In the international research community, he was the Chairman of Automotive Control within the International Federation of Automatic Control (2002-2005), and then the Chairman of all Transportation and Vehicle Systems (2005-2011). Selected national commissions of trust are Board Member of the Swedish Research Council-NT (2001-2006), and vice chair in IVA II - the electrical engineering division of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering (2010-).

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Vehicle
  • Powertrain
  • Engine – Introduction
  • Thermodynamics and Working Cycles
  • Combustion and Emissions
  • Mean Value Engine Modeling
  • Turbocharging Basics and Models
  • Engine Management Systems – An Introduction
  • Basic Control of SI Engines
  • Basic Control of Diesel Engines
  • Engine-Some Advanced Concepts
  • Driveline Introduction
  • Driveline Modeling
  • Driveline Control
  • Diagnosis and Dependability
  • References


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