Modern Nuclear Chemistry, Second Edition

  • 12h 3m
  • David J. Morrissey, Glenn T. Seaborg, Walter D. Loveland
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2017

Written by established experts in the field, this book features in-depth discussions of proven scientific principles, current trends, and applications of nuclear chemistry to the sciences and engineering.

  • Provides up-to-date coverage of the latest research and examines the theoretical and practical aspects of nuclear and radiochemistry
  • Presents the basic physical principles of nuclear and radiochemistry in a succinct fashion, requiring no basic knowledge of quantum mechanics
  • Adds discussion of math tools and simulations to demonstrate various phenomena, new chapters on Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Forensics and Particle Physics, and updates to all other chapters
  • Includes additional solved problems to help students and a solutions manual for all end of chapter problems for instructors

In this Book

  • Introductory Concepts
  • Nuclear Properties
  • Radioactive Decay Kinetics
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Particle Physics and the Nuclear Force
  • Nuclear Structure
  • α-Decay
  • β-Decay
  • γ-Ray Decay
  • Nuclear Reactions
  • Fission
  • Nuclear Astrophysics
  • Reactors and Accelerators
  • The Transuranium Elements
  • Nuclear Reactor Chemistry
  • Interaction of Radiation with Matter
  • Radiation Detectors
  • Nuclear Analytical Methods
  • Radiochemical Techniques
  • Nuclear Forensics
  • Color Section