Monday Morning Leadership

  • 1h
  • David Cottrell
  • CornerStone Leadership Institute
  • 2002

Everyone likes a good story, especially if there are lessons that can be immediately applied to life. This book is one of those stories – about a manager and his mentor.

Monday Morning Leadership offers unique encouragement and direction that will help you become a better manager, employee and person.

About the Author

David Cottrell, President and CEO of CornerStone Leadership Institute, is an internationally-known leadership consultant, educator, and speaker. His business experience includes senior management positions with Xerox and FedEx. He also led the successful turn-around of a chapter eleven company before founding CornerStone.

David's 25-plus years of professional experience are reflected in eleven highly acclaimed books and his reputation as a premier public speaker. David has been a featured expert on public television and has presented his leadership message to over 25,000 managers worldwide.

In this Book

  • Monday Morning Leadership—8 Mentoring Sessions You Can’t Afford to Miss
  • Prologue
  • The First Monday—Drivers and Passengers
  • The Second Monday—Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing
  • The Third Monday—Escape from Management Land
  • The Fourth Monday—The “Do Right” Rule
  • The Fifth Monday—Hire Tough
  • The Sixth Monday—Do Less or Work Faster
  • The Seventh Monday—Buckets and Dippers
  • The Eighth Week—Enter the Learning Zone
  • Epilogue


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