Motivating a Multicultural Workforce

  • 2h 57m
  • Jinsoo Terry
  • Human Resource Development Press
  • 2011

As your workforce becomes more diverse, your employees may represent a melting pot of many different cultural backgrounds. As a leader, that means you must be an expert at managing and motivating employees - and a whole lot more. Motivating a Multicultural Workforce is your guide to understanding and addressing the needs and concerns of those who work for you - wherever they are from - and maximizing their diverse talents.

Jinsoo Terry - CEO, speaker and an immigrant herself - shares her innovative and proven techniques for F.U.N. management. It's not about clowning around on the job. It's about building a team of motivated people who work together while retaining their individuality.

In 16 chapters, she shows you how to create a F.U.N. workplace based on these fundamental concepts:

  • Fun. People who are best at their jobs often are not the most serious. They are light-spirited and playful.
  • Unique. We each have our own unique personality to contribute. Rather than trying to get people to conform, help employees be themselves.
  • Nurturing. To get the most from the people you manage, you must train and educate them, help them develop and treat them with care.

Whether you are the leader of a team or the head of an organization, you'll learn how to identify and address problems in your workplace with an open mind and willingness to learn. You'll discover how to avoid stereotyping, sidestep misunderstandings and build trust over time. You'll also learn the importance of making direct eye contact, conducting regular meetings with employees and holding group luncheons so everyone gets to know each other. The book concludes with a step-by-step plan for putting these concepts into action and a bonus section on hiring the best multicultural employees.

About the Author

Jinsoo Terry is the founder and CEO of Advanced Global Connections, LLC, a company she formed in 2004 to meet the demand for training, consultancy, and other services related to multicultural business activities in the U.S. and abroad. She is a well-known columnist and speaker in the U.S., in Asia, and increasingly in Europe and has gained a reputation as an expert on multicultural and motivational issues. In Korea, she has become well known and signed her first book contract with one of the country's top publishers.

In this Book

  • Motivating a Multicultural Workforce
  • Introduction
  • The Melting Pot that Hasn’t Quite Melted
  • Ignore Cultural Differences at Your Peril
  • A Multicultural Workforce Is a Diamond Waiting to Be Mined
  • Bring Out the Best in a Multicultural Workforce
  • Communication and Language—The Key to Multicultural Team Success
  • Communication Tips and Techniques to Help Your Multicultural Workforce
  • Understanding Cultural Differences and Work Ethics
  • Building Trust and Rapport
  • Make It a F.U.N. Environment
  • The Essence of F.U.N.—Success on the Job
  • Resource Training and Development
  • Motivating a Multicultural Workforce—The Day‐to‐Day Beat
  • The Daily Melting Pot Meeting
  • How to Promote—or Fire—Multicultural Employees
  • Everything Else to Help a Manager Succeed
  • Step‐by‐Step—Your Road to Success
  • Bonus Section—How to Hire the Best Multicultural Employees


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