Motivation Pocketbook, 2nd Edition

  • 28m
  • Max A. Eggert
  • Management Pocketbooks
  • 2010

The Motivation Pocketbook examines the many different theories of motivation, drawing out the key points and offering management tips for each one. A useful problem-identifier points the way to the best theories to use in particular situations. For example, when people complain a lot the author recommends the 'ERG Theory', and when they lack direction he puts forward the 'Goal Theory'. There is also a review of the different character and personality types and what they are most likely to find motivational. In conclusion, the book lists nine basic rules of motivation, ten ways in which to keep yourself motivated and 100 ways in which to say 'well done'. To coin one of these expressions, 'sheer class' Max.

About the Author

Max is a management psychologist specialising in assisting individuals reach their maximum potential. Besides being retained by major international corporations as coach, mentor and strategist, he has been interviewed frequently on TV, radio and in the print media both in Australia and in Europe. His work and publications have been reviewed both in the professional journals and the specialist media. He has also lectured at premier universities as well as leading many professional conferences.

Max has degrees in psychology, industrial relations and theology. He has fifteen books in print in twelve languages, one of which is a standard text and two are frequently in the ten best business books. Several of his books are on the recommended reading lists of Sydney, London, Harvard, Westminster and Sussex Universities. In the Pocketbook Series he has also written: The Assertiveness Pocketbook, The Managing Your Appraisal Pocketbook and The Resolving Conflict Pocketbook.

In this Book

  • Motivation Pocketbook, 2nd Edition
  • Author’s Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Need Theories
  • Process Theory
  • Dispositional Theories—Types, Disposition & Personality
  • Motivating Individuals at Work