Multidimensional Signal, Image, and Video Processing and Coding

  • 8h 37m
  • John W. Woods
  • Elsevier Science and Technology Books, Inc.
  • 2012

This book gives a concise introduction to both image and video processing, providing a balanced coverage between theory, applications and standards. It gives an introduction to both 2-D and 3-D signal processing theory, supported by an introduction to random processes and some essential results from information theory, providing the necessary foundation for a full understanding of the image and video processing concepts that follow. A significant new feature is the explanation of practical network coding methods for image and video transmission. There is also coverage of new approaches such as: super-resolution methods, non-local processing, and directional transforms.

New to this edition:

  • New appendices on random processes, information theory
  • New coverage of image analysis - edge detection, linking, clustering, and segmentation
  • Expanded coverage on image sensing and perception, including color spaces.
  • Now summarizes the new MPEG coding standards: scalable video coding (SVC) and multiview video coding (MVC), in addition to coverage of H.264/AVC.
  • Updated video processing material including new example on scalable video coding and more material on object- and region-based video coding.
  • More on video coding for networks including practical network coding (PNC), highlighting the significant advantages of PNC for both video downloading and streaming.
  • New coverage of super-resolution methods for image and video.
  • Only R&D level tutorial that gives an integrated treatment of image and video processing - topics that are interconnected.
  • New chapters on introductory random processes, information theory, and image enhancement and analysis
  • Coverage and discussion of the latest standards in video coding: H.264/AVC and the new scalable video standard (SVC)

In this Book

  • Two-Dimensional Signals and Systems
  • Sampling in Two Dimensions
  • Two-Dimensional Systems and Z-Transforms
  • 2-D Discrete-Space Transforms
  • Two-Dimensional Filter Design
  • Image Perception and Sensing
  • Image Enhancement and Analysis
  • Image Estimation and Restoration
  • Digital Image Compression
  • Three-Dimensional and Spatiotemporal Processing
  • Digital Video Processing
  • Digital Video Compression
  • Video Transmission over Networks
  • Colour Plates