Myths of Leadership: Banish the Misconceptions and Become a Great Leader

  • 4h 1m
  • Jo Owen
  • Kogan Page
  • 2018

The best leaders are born, not made. The best leaders are always in control. The best leaders are those with the highest IQs. But are they really?

The thinking surrounding what makes the greatest leaders is increasingly muddled by stereotypes, snake oil promises and pseudo-science. The best leaders rely on fact, not fads. Myths of Leadership blasts away the fluff and confronts false legends head on. Jo Owen uses the most credible research to analyse each myth, using international business case studies, leadership theory and insightful interviews, to uncover the truth.

This is a compelling and practical examination of the most pervasive misconceptions about leadership that will help you elevate your own leadership abilities, better inspire your team and empower your organization by thinking differently. Entertaining but evidence-based, Myths of Leadership throws out the management jargon and skewers over-hyped leadership trends to bring you the best practical tips you need to become a better leader.

About the Author

Jo Owen is a best-selling and multi-award winning leadership author, keynote speaker and social entrepreneur. He is a founder of eight charities, including the UK's largest graduate recruiter Teach First. His books The Mindset of Success, The Leadership Skills Handbook and Management Stripped Bare, all published by Kogan Page, have been translated into eight different languages.

In this Book

  • We Know What Leadership Is
  • The Perfect Leader
  • Leadership is About Your Rank, Title or Position
  • Managers are Leaders
  • Leaders Know What Leadership Is
  • The Founder is The Leader
  • Leadership is Universal
  • We Know What Leaders do (1): Top-Level Leaders
  • We Know What Leaders do (2): Your Leadership Journey
  • Leaders Motivate Their Followers
  • Leaders Communicate Well
  • Leaders are Decisive
  • Leaders Set Goals and Give Directions
  • Great Leaders Build Great Teams
  • The Leader Knows What is Going On
  • Leaders are Born, Not Bred
  • Leaders are Visionary
  • Leaders are Charismatic and Inspirational
  • Leaders are Honest
  • Leaders are Brave
  • The Leader is the Smartest Person in the Room
  • The Best Leaders are Clever
  • Male and Female Leaders are Different
  • Psychopaths Succeed as Leaders
  • Leaders are Reasonable
  • An Effective Leader is a Skilled Leader
  • Leaders Succeed on Merit
  • Leadership is About Survival of the Fittest
  • It's Not What You Know, It's Who You Know
  • Power Comes From Your Position
  • Leaders Need Experience
  • The First 90 Days
  • You Have to Manage Before You Can Lead
  • Sporting Heroes Show us How to Lead
  • You Can Teach Leadership
  • Leaders Know When to Move On
  • Great Man Theory of Leadership
  • Servant Leadership
  • The Humble Leader
  • Distributed Leadership
  • Transactional and Transformational Leadership
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Leadership is A Team Sport
  • Leadership and Money: The Dog that Didn't Bark
  • Leaders are Like Tea Bags
  • It's Lonely at The Top
  • The Buck Stops Here
  • It's Tough at The Top
  • The Leader Makes a Difference
  • The Leader is in Control
  • Leaders are Role Models
  • Leaders are Popular
  • Leaders Deserve Exceptional Rewards
  • Myths, Fads and Theories
  • Leaders Take People Where They Would Not Have Got by Themselves
  • I Have the Answer: Myth or Reality?


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