Myths of Work: Dispel the Misconceptions and Succeed in the World of Work

  • 2h 50m
  • Ian MacRae
  • Kogan Page
  • 2022

Buying a table tennis table will make your staff happier. Working eight hours a day, five days a week, will result in the most productivity. Paying higher salaries will always result in higher motivation. But will it really?

There are a staggering number of myths, stereotypes and out-of-date rules that abound in the workplace. This can make it feel impossible to truly know how to get the most out of your career, your team and your company. In Myths of Work, Ian MacRae take an entertaining and evidence-based look at the most pervasive myths about our working lives, from the serious to the ridiculous, to give you the insight you need to become a better manager in the modern workplace. Fascinating real life case studies from organizations around the world display the myths (and how to overcome them) in practice.

Myths of Work combines business thinking with psychology to give you practical insights, a lively writing style and a handy dip-in-and-out structure to form your ultimate guide to becoming a better and enlightened manager.

About the Business Myths series...

The Business Myths series tackles the falsehoods that pervade the business world. From leadership and management to social media and the workplace, these accessible books overturn out-of-date assumptions, skewer stereotypes and put oft-repeated slogans to the myth-busting test. Both entertaining and rigorously researched, these books will equip you with the insight and no-nonsense wisdom you need to succeed.

About the Author

Ian MacRae is a work psychologist, consultant, speaker, author and Managing Director of High Potential Psychology. He works with, and writes about, a wide range of topics relating to psychology and the workplace. He developed the High Potential Traits Inventory (HPTI), a personality assessment which has been translated into dozens of languages and used by over 50,000 people around the world. He is also the author of Myths of Social Media and co-author of Motivation and Performance.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Staff should Work Eight-Hour Days, Monday to Friday
  • Working from Home Reduces Productivity
  • Social Media should Never Be used at Work
  • Listening to Music While Working is Distracting
  • Health and Safety is the Enemy
  • Surveillance Improves Performance
  • Creating a Google-Style Office Environment Will Make Staff More Innovative
  • Mindfulness is the Answer to all Problems
  • Neuroscience is the Silver Bullet to Workplace Problems
  • Start-Ups Need a Different Type of Leader to Succeed
  • It's Better to Have Higher Self-Esteem at Work
  • We Only use 10 Per Cent of Our Brain at Work
  • Making Workplaces Sustainable is a Burden
  • The Best Way to Motivate People is to Pay Them More
  • Employees Who Work the Longest Hours are the Most Valuable People
  • People Should Retire at 65
  • Perfectionists Make the Best Employees
  • Women Aren't as Competitive as Men at Work
  • People's Personalities Can Be Sorted into Categories at Work
  • Sexuality and Gender Should Be Taken into Account at Work
  • Millennials are Changing the Workplace
  • Co-Workers Should Not form Romantic Relationships
  • Teaching and Training are the Same
  • Annual Appraisals are the Best Way to Measure Performance
  • High Achievers Always Make Great Managers
  • A Computer is Going to Take Your Job
  • Open-Plan Offices are Always the Best Option