Navigating the Human Side of Boardroom Interactions: Improving Relationships at the Top

  • 3h 52m
  • Thomas Sieber
  • Business Expert Press
  • 2022

“Thomas Sieber's book is an invaluable resource for any board and management team seeking to improve its performance. His deep understanding of top teams, the insights of seasoned board members, and his own board experiences shed light on how boards can function better.“?–Amy Edmondson, Professor of Leadership and Management, Harvard Business School, Author of the Fearless Organization

“This book serves as a precious guide to navigating the many human challenges boards are facing—it is practical, hands-on, and written by somebody who understands the topic in-depth—and this not only from a theoretical but also practical, proven angle.” – Marco Gadola, Chairman DKSH and Medartis, former CEO of Straumann Group

Board members often struggle to identify their true role, caught between the Chair and the executive board. As a result, board members frequently have doubts about their role and personal impact; doubts which are rarely acknowledged nor addressed. By focusing on the most impactful driver of success – the human behavior – the author explores how to create a strong board team whose members are clear about the team’s role, are able to talk about their concerns, and are therefore also comfortable to listen, to challenge, and to support.

Based on around 60 interviews around the globe and his own board experience, this book will help Chairs to form a strong team, build a resilient relationship with the CEO, assess how to use their considerable power, and when to show self-restraint. Navigating the Boardroom supports board members and managers in reflecting on how to navigate the complex web of boardroom relations and provides both practical and attitudinal tips.

About the Author

Dr. Thomas Sieber is the founder of Sieber Board Coach ltd. He believes passionately that board teams require a new way of operating; less of perfunctory governance and more heavily focused on creating effective team relationships and team responsibility.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • The Picture From the Past
  • A Team With Needs
  • The Role of the Chair
  • Scope and Structure
  • Interactions Between the Chair and the Board
  • The Chair’s Interaction With the CEO
  • The Chair’s Interaction With the Executive Board
  • Interactions Between the Board of Directors and the Executive Board
  • Benefits From Different Forms of Reflection
  • Joint Reflection—When, How, and About What?
  • Reflection Workshop and Board Review
  • Summary
  • References