Needs Assessment Basics

  • 2h 21m
  • Deborah D. Tobey
  • Association for Talent Development
  • 2005

The premise of Needs Assessment Basics is simple and powerful: organizational and individual training needs cannot be separated from the business needs of an organization. Without a focused needs assessment process, trainers end up developing and delivering training that does not solve the right problem and, worse, delivering training that the target audience finds irrelevant and the organization dismisses as a poor investment. Needs Assessment Basics is written specifically to show you how to accomplish the important training goal of delivering relevant training as a business partner of your organization.

To deliver on this individual and organizational value promise, the book offers a seven-phase needs assessment model that begins with an external and internal organizational scan and ends with the presentation of key data collected to the client. In all phases, the author reminds the reader to keep an eye on the real business and performance gap.

About the Author

Deborah Davis Tobey has 20 years of experience in the HRD field and is principal of solo consulting practice in human and organization performance improvement, DEB TOBEY LLC. She works with client organizations in consulting skills development and consulting systems; training needs assessment, design, facilitation, and evaluation; strategic planning; team building; group process consultation; competency modeling; and leadership development.

In this Book

  • Why Needs Assessment?
  • The Training Request
  • Identifying Questions and Data Sources
  • Evaluating Potential Data Collection Methods
  • Data Collection Implementation
  • Data Analysis Findings
  • Data Analysis Recommendations
  • Communicating with Your Client
  • The Ideal Organization Scan
  • A Final Note
  • Additional Resources