Neuroscience for Learning and Development: How to Apply Neuroscience and Psychology for Improved Learning and Training

  • 4h 39m
  • Stella Collins
  • Kogan Page
  • 2016

Explaining the science behind creative training delivery so that learners will be motivated, enjoy their training sessions, pay attention, remember what was being said, and ultimately be able to apply what they have learned, Neuroscience for Learning and Development introduces tools, techniques, and ideas to help trainers improve their training. Author Stella Collins provides the latest scientific research behind multiple facets of training and learning, including the design and delivery of face to face, online and virtual learning, and how to create environments conducive to learning, along with how to distinguish between neuromyths and neuroscience.

About the Author

Stella Collins is the founder of Stellar Learning and the Brain Friendly Learning Group, an international network for trainers. She also designs and delivers "brain friendly" Train the Trainer programs all over the world.

In this Book

  • Why Neuroscience and Learning are Good Companions
  • The Science of Your Brain
  • What to Do When Someone Says 'Neuroscience Says…'
  • The Science of Learning
  • Motivating Learners from Curiosity to Persistence
  • Use Your Sense: Getting Information from the Outside World and into Your Head
  • Attention, Learning and Why Goldilocks Deserves Recognition
  • Making Learning Meaningful and Valuing Intelligence
  • Meaningful Memories: From Encoding to Forgetting
  • Testing, Experimenting, Habits and Practice
  • Review and Reflect – Getting Rid of the Magic Wand
  • Stickier Stories and Food for Thought
  • The Future is Already with Us
  • The End of this Journey and the Start of More