New Horizons in Positive Leadership and Change: A Practical Guide for Workplace Transformation

  • 10h 9m
  • Joan Marques, Satinder Dhiman
  • Springer
  • 2020

This edited volume provides managers, as well as students, with the best practices in effectively leading the 21st century workforce and managing change. It applies positive principles arising from the newly emerging fields of positive psychology, positive change, and positive organizational studies to the field of leadership and change; offering managers strategies and tools to lead change effectively, in the present-day boundary-less work environment. At its most fundamental level, the uniqueness of this volume lies in its anchorage in the moral and spiritual dimension of leadership, an approach most relevant for contemporary organizations.

About the Authors

Satinder Dhiman serves as Associate Dean, Chair, and Director of the MBA Program and Professor of Management at Woodbury University’s School of Business (USA). He is the founder and Director of Forever Fulfilled, a Los Angeles-based Wellbeing Consultancy, which focuses on workplace wellness and self-leadership. Professor Dhiman teaches courses pertaining to ethical leadership, sustainability, organizational behavior & strategy, and spirituality in the workplace in the MBA program. He published in multiple national and international academic journals and authored, edited and translated over 25 titles. He has completed advanced Executive Leadership programs at Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton.

Joan Marques serves as Dean and Professor of Management at Woodbury University’s School of Business (USA). Her teaching focuses on leadership, ethics, and organizational behavior, and her research interests pertain to the same areas with specific focus on workplace spirituality and leadership awareness. She has been widely published in prestigious scholarly international journals and has authored, co-authored, and co-edited more than 20 books on management and leadership topics. Professor Marques is a co-founder and editor-in-chief of three scholarly journals: The Business Renaissance Quarterly, Journal of Global Business Issues, and Interbeing, Journal of Personal and Professional Mastery. She has presented a weekly radio program titled “De Andere Kant” (The Other Side) on Mart Radio, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, for the past 15 years, and has been a long-time columnist for De Ware Tijd (The True Times), one of the largest newspapers in Paramaribo, Suriname.

In this Book

  • Anatomy of Positive Leadership—Authentic, Principled and Service Oriented
  • Awakened Leaders and Conscious Followers—Leading Mindful Change
  • Servant Leadership and Change—A Review of the Literature
  • Servant Leadership as a Pathway to a Sustainable Future
  • Overcoming the Blind Spot of Positive Leadership—Authenticity Amidst Change
  • Organizational Spiritual Maturity—A Goal of Positive Leaders and Direction for Change
  • Building Relational Bridges—The Inclusive Spirit of Servant-Leadership
  • Spirituality, Success, and Happiness—Implications for Leadership in Business
  • Values-Based Leadership—Exploring Exemplary Approaches
  • Leading Positive Change
  • Creative Minds of Leaders in Psychobiographical Perspectives—Exploring the Life and Work of Christiaan Barnard and Angela Merkel
  • Finding the Key to Positive Leadership—Applying Virtue Ethics and Inclusivity
  • Mindfulness and Spirituality—An Enhanced Leadership Perspective
  • Improving Engagement During Times of Change
  • Collaborative and Spiritual Inquiry—Positive Leadership in Organizational Change and Higher Education
  • Intercultural Leadership—An Indigenous Perspective in a Multicultural World
  • Transforming Shame in the Workplace, Leadership and Organisation—Contributions of Positive Psychology Movements to the Discourse
  • Developing Positive Leadership Through Literature—Towards a Human-Centric Model of Leadership and Management
  • The Discerning Capacity of Generative Leaders—Achieving Success Flowing with Synchronicity Moments
  • Authentic Leadership—Leading with Purpose, Meaning and Core Values
  • New Horizons in Transformational Leadership—A Vedāntic Perspective on Values-Based Leadership