NLP for Rookies

  • 1h 59m
  • Becky Mallery, Katherine Russell
  • Cyan Communications Ltd.
  • 2009

NLP stands for “Neuro Linguistic Programming”, which is a methodology designed to study, model and train individuals in human excellence.

  • Neuro = neurological; that is, to do with the mind, its thinking and the nervous system.
  • Linguistic = language and communication; that is, their use, the understanding and the influence of words both internally and externally.
  • Programming = the structures, processes and habits running our behaviour.

Another way of describing NLP is as your own personal toolbox for accessing and influencing the human mind.

Imagine the infinite possibilities available to you if you chose to learn the techniques that would enable you to copy the inspiring presentation skills of your manager, train you to recreate the imagination and drive of your CEO, and teach you how to develop similar skills to that of a top salesperson.

Through NLP you can fully understand how the human mind works, what determines its thinking and behaviour, and how you can learn to influence it.

Learn how other people organize their thoughts and feelings to produce the results they do. Understand the motivation, strategies and programming behind human behaviour, and obtain the skills necessary to allow you to recognize, model and recreate the techniques that will deliver all the options and outcomes of your desire and choosing.

About the Authors

Becky Mallery is a psychologist, coach and NLP Master Practitioner. She trained in NLP with Richard Bandler, John La Valle, Michael Neill and Paul McKenna. She also assisted Paul McKenna on his London seminars. Becky is completing an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of East London. Using her NLP and psychology knowledge, she founded the business StrengthsWork, coaching individuals in areas such as resilience to help manage stress, building on personal strengths and increasing confidence. She currently gives visiting lectures on positive psychology to universities, with recent presentations on emotional intelligence. Becky is a graduate member of the British Psychological Society and of their Special Group in Coaching Psychology.

Katherine Russell was trained in NLP by Richard Bandler, John La Valle and Paul McKenna. She is an NLP Master Practitioner, advanced hypno-therapist, corporate trainer, coach and personal therapist. Her experience includes: developing and presenting corporate training; giving visiting lectures to schools, corporations and local interest groups; assisting on McKenna training programmes; volunteer work with Marie Curie Cancer Care; and running her own private practice, i2iTherapies (i2itherapies. com), which specializes in one-to-one coaching, counselling and hypno-therapy for conditions such as depression, fears and phobias, and stopping smoking.

In this Book

  • NLP for Rookies
  • Introduction
  • The Limitless Potential of Your Mind
  • What do you really want?
  • What you see isn’t always what other people get!
  • People buy people
  • Is it important and do you believe it?
  • Meta programs
  • The Meta model
  • Once Upon a Something...
  • The way of influence
  • Preparing for the future
  • Appendix


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