Online Distance Learning Course Design and Multimedia in E-Learning

  • 5h 52m
  • Ana Paula Lopes, Filomena Soares
  • IGI Global
  • 2022

In recent years, the rampant development of worldwide communications and powerful modern technologies has reformulated the idea of distance learning and the transmission of higher education content. Combined with these new developments and the outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an apparent need for a thorough discussion on all features of e-learning.

Online Distance Learning Course Design and Multimedia in E-Learning disseminates research, experiences, and philosophies surrounding innovation within higher education online teaching and learning environments. It includes case studies of relevant and fruitful applications, practical challenges, and examinations of the most recent innovations. Covering topics such as online management education, student engagement, and gamification, this book is an essential resource for academicians, researchers, educators, pre-service educators, principals, administrators, consultants, instructional designers, technologists, computer scientists, and policymakers.

About the Author

Ana Paula Lopes has a Ph.D. in Mathematics. She is professor at the Accounting and Administration Institute of the Porto Polytechnic (ISCAP/P.PORTO) since 2000. She is the author of several peer-reviewed publications on the subject. She has been coordinator of several Projects related with the Use of Technology and Pedagogical Innovation in Distance Education. In 2015, she received the Award for Pedagogical Innovation in Distance Education. She has been Member of Scientific Committee of several International Conferences and is a Member of the Scientific Board of Hyperion Economic Journal (HEJ). She also serves as a regular reviewer as a member of the program committee for several International Conferences. She is a researcher at Communication and Education Research Centre (CEOS.PP) and researcher at Research Centre for the Study of Population, Economics and Society (CEPESE). Her main research interests are LMS supports platforms, information technologies in education, e-learning teaching, teaching/learning education paradigm, decision making.

Filomena Soares (born in 1964) is a Math lecturer in the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (P.PORTO) since 1989, currently developing her professional activity in the Porto Accounting and Business P.PORTO. PhD in Mathematics (2006) from Portucalense University (UPT), MSc and BSc in Applied Mathematics and Mathematics from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto (FCUP) in 1999 and 1988, respectively, and post graduated in Financial Studies (1995) from UPT. During these almost 30 years of service, she lectured in several other organizational units of P.PORTO, dedicated to the teaching of Mathematics to non-mathematicians in Bachelor degrees courses in several areas like Accounting, Administration, Management, Engineering, Information Systems and Basic Education. She is a member several Projects related with the Use of Technology and Pedagogical Innovation in Distance Education, one of which received, in 2015, the Award for Pedagogical Innovation in Distance Education. Her research interests include Math fundamentals, Online Learning, Open Educational Math Resources, Teaching and Learning pedagogical resources and techniques, Learning Analytics, among others.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Designing Multimedia for Improved Student Engagement and Learning—Video Lectures
  • A Comparative Institutional Analysis on the Integration of E-Learning in Higher Education—The Cases of China, Singapore, and Japan
  • Student Engagement in Online Teaching in South African Higher Education
  • Emotion and Online Learning
  • Building the Future of Distance and Online Learning—The Case of a Portuguese University
  • Evaluation of Implementation of Gamification, Game-Based Learning, and Active Methodologies to the Flipped Classroom Model
  • The Gamification in Online Environments in the Context of the Flipped Classroom
  • Impact of Online Management Education—Perspective of Prospect Managers in India
  • Designing and Randomising Multiple-Choice Questions for E-Learning in Mathematics Using MVGEN
  • Bolstering the Pedagogies of Orthodontic Education Using Smart Technologies
  • Conclusion
  • Compilation of References