Oracle 11g For Dummies

  • 5h 26m
  • Chris Ruel, Chris Zeis, Michael Wessler
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2009

Grow wise about Oracle and get going with the leading database software!

Are you a seasoned system administrator charged with setting up an Oracle database? Or did you suddenly become a DBA by default? Either way, this book will guide you through the mysteries of Oracle and database administration. Here are the nuts and bolts of creating an Oracle database, implementing it, and keeping it running in tiptop form.

  • Build it — learn the building blocks behind the database engine and understand Oracle's physical and logical structures
  • Prepare for takeoff — review the hardware, software, system, and storage requirements for implementation
  • Know your environment — recognize and accommodate the differences between Oracle installations on Windows and on Linux/UNIX
  • Defend it — assess potential threats to your database, configure Oracle Recovery Manager, and create backup and recovery procedures
  • Maintain it — know the daily and intermittent tasks necessary to keep your database running properly
  • Head off trouble — implement the system troubleshooting methodology, use Oracle database logs, and explore other diagnostic utilities
  • Manage it — monitor with Oracle Enterprise Manager

Open the book and find:

  • Two ways to manage your database
  • What tablespaces are and how to use them
  • How to automate jobs with the Oracle Scheduler
  • Ten common installation tips
  • How to use SQL in Oracle
  • When to use online, offline, control file, and archive log backups
  • Database encryption options
  • Advantages of the Flashback database

About the Authors

Michael Wessler received his bachelor’s degree in computer technology from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. He is an Oracle Certified Database Administrator for Oracle 8 and 8i, an Oracle Certified Web Administrator for 9iAS, and a 10g Database Technician. Michael also holds a CISSP security certification. He has administered Oracle databases on NT and various flavors of UNIX and Linux, including clustered Oracle Parallel Server (OPS) environments. He also performs database and SQL/PLSQL tuning for applications. Michael has worked in many IT shops ranging from small dotcom start-ups to large government agencies and corporations. Currently, Michael is a technical manager at Perpetual Technologies Inc., consulting for the U.S. government.

In addition to Oracle DBA consulting, Michael has worked extensively as an Oracle 10gAS Web Application Server Administrator. He manages multiple web applications for the Department of Defense and consults at various government agencies and in the private sector. Michael also frequently lectures on 10gAS and teaches Oracle Performance Tuning classes. Michael is the author of Oracle DBA on UNIX and Linux and coauthor of Oracle Application Server 10g: J2EE Deployment and Administration, Oracle Unleashed, Second Edition, UNIX Primer Plus, Third Edition, COBOL Unleashed, UNIX Unleashed, Fourth Edition, and High Availablity: SuccessfuI Implementation for the Data-Driven Enterprise.

Chris Ruel lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. He graduated from Wabash College in 1997 and has been working with Oracle ever since. Currently, he is a consultant for Perpetual Technologies, Inc., a technology consulting firm with a focus on database management in the federal and commercial sectors. His clients range from Fortune 500 companies to Department of Defense contracts. He also serves as the vice president of the Indiana Oracle User’s Group and speaks at many local events (Oracle Tech Days) hosted by his company. He served as an Oracle University Instructor from 2000–2004, traveling the country teaching Oracle’s DBA curriculum. Chris is certified in Oracle 8i–10g. He recently received his 10g RAC Certified Expert qualification and is studying for his 11g OCP upgrade exam.

Chris Zeis is the Chief Technology Officer and a partner at Perpetual Technologies, Inc. in Indianapolis, Indiana. Chris is the author or coauthor of four books on database technologies.

In this Book

  • A Pragmatic Introduction to Oracle
  • Understanding Oracle Database Architecture
  • Preparing to Implement Oracle in the Real World
  • Creating an Oracle Database
  • Connecting to and Using an Oracle Database
  • Speaking the SQL Language
  • Populating the Database
  • Protecting Your Oracle Database
  • Protecting Your Oracle Data
  • Keeping the Database Running
  • Tuning an Oracle Database
  • Troubleshooting an Oracle Database
  • Monitoring and Managing with Enterprise Manager
  • Flashing Back and Replaying—Advanced Features
  • Using High-Availability Options
  • Top Ten Oracle Installation Do’s
  • Top Ten Database Design Do’s