Oracle Database 12c: Resource Manager

  • 51m
  • Sideris
  • Sideris
  • 2014

One of the most important and oftentimes underutilized database features is that of the Oracle Database 12c Resource Manager. This is an essential facility for achieving optimum database performance. While this facility could be considered as highly recommended though optional in a traditional Oracle database configuration, in a multi-tenant configuration of pluggable databases enclosed within a container database, the use of the Oracle Database 12c Resource Manager can really be considered as mandatory. This training guide book provides conceptual background information on the advantages of this feature over other resource management systems, offers numerous real-word examples and includes step-by-step workshops and exercise solutions that demonstrate the use of this feature.

In this Book

  • Oracle Database 12c—Resource Manager
  • Introduction
  • Managing Resources
  • Using Oracle Database Resource Manager