Oracle Database 12c Security

  • 7h 1m
  • David Knox, Scott Gaetjen, William Maroulis
  • Oracle Press
  • 2015

Written by renowned experts from Oracle's National Security Group, Oracle Database 12c Security provides proven techniques for designing, implementing, and certifying secure Oracle Database systems in a multitenant architecture. The strategies are also applicable to standalone databases. This Oracle Press guide addresses everything from infrastructure to audit lifecycle and describes how to apply security measures in a holistic manner. The latest security features of Oracle Database 12c are explored in detail with practical and easy-to-understand examples.

  • Connect users to databases in a secure manner
  • Manage identity, authentication, and access control
  • Implement database application security
  • Provide security policies across enterprise applications using Real Application Security
  • Control data access with Oracle Virtual Private Database
  • Control sensitive data using data redaction and transparent sensitive data protection
  • Control data access with Oracle Label Security
  • Use Oracle Database Vault and Transparent Data Encryption for compliance, cybersecurity, and insider threats
  • Implement auditing technologies, including Unified Audit Trail
  • Manage security policies and monitor a secure database environment with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

About the Authors

David Knox (Chantilly, VA), one of the top Oracle security experts working today, is technology vice president in Oracle’s National Security Group which focuses on the US Intelligence Community (USIC).

William Maroulis (Brambleton, VA) is a Senior Technical Director with Oracle’s National Security Group.

Scott Gaetjen (Plano, TX) conducts research and design on new security solutions, leveraging his 20+ years of experience with Oracle-based technologies to provide advanced security capabilities to Oracle’s customers.

In this Book

  • Security for Today’s World
  • Essential Elements of User Security
  • Connection Pools and Enterprise Users
  • Foundational Elements for a Secure Database
  • Foundational Elements of Database Application Security
  • Real Application Security
  • Controlled Data Access with Virtual Private Database
  • Essential Elements of Sensitive Data Control
  • Access Controls with Oracle Label Security
  • Oracle Database Vault: Securing for the Compliance Regulations, Cybersecurity, and Insider Threats
  • Oracle Transparent Data Encryption: Securing for the Compliance Regulations, Cybersecurity, and Insider Threats
  • Audit for Accountability
  • An Applied Approach to Multitenancy and Cloud Security
  • Appendix—Sample Preparation Scripts