Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Deep Dive

  • 8h 5m
  • Edward Whalen, Matthew Burke, Michael New
  • Oracle Press
  • 2013

Achieve peak database efficiency and derive unprecedented value from your corporate assets by implementing an end-to-end cloud computing solution. Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Deep Dive thoroughly explains best practices for deployment, administration, and monitoring. Learn how to prepare and install Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c, use agents, apply system-wide patches, perform real-time diagnostics, and discover, monitor, and administer hosts, databases, and middleware. Security and select plug-ins are also fully covered in this Oracle Press guide.

  • Install and configure Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c
  • Deploy management agents in one of six available ways
  • Handle security with Cloud Control administrators, roles, and credentials
  • Track performance with SQL monitoring and Active Session History (ASH) analytics
  • Dynamically provision middleware and enterprise applications
  • Work with Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud
  • Force policy compliance and employ global change detection
  • Manage and monitor hosts, virtual machines, and server pools

About the Authors

Michael New is the author of Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Implementation Guide. In addition to implementing and maintaining Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control in numerous independent consulting assignments, Michael took on many Grid Control responsibilities when working for Oracle Consulting. He developed and taught an Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control “Deep Dive” class offered internally to fellow Oracle consultants twice per quarter. Michael was one of five core members of the GRID Center of Expertise (COE) run by Oracle North American Consulting (NAC).

Edward Whalen has written several books for Oracle Press, including Oracle VM Implementation and Administration Guide. He has taught classes on Grid Control and has deployed the product in a number of different application environments.

Matthew Burke is director of a group focusing on remote database administration: implementation, monitoring, backup and recovery, tuning, and high availability (Implicit Technical Solutions, Remote Management Services: The group is currently servicing the needs of numerous clients in both domestic and international locations. He is recognized within the firm as a technical leader in the areas of Real Application Clusters, Parallel Query, and Replication. Matthew Burke has over two decades of Oracle database administration and development experience. He specializes as an oracle Application DBA in managing all technical aspects of the Oracle E-Business Suite.

In this Book

  • Overview of Cloud Control Architecture
  • Cloud Control Preinstallation
  • Building a Preconfigured Management Repository Database
  • Cloud Control Installation and Configuration
  • Installing and Configuring Management Agents
  • Cloud Control Console Configuration
  • Cloud Control Security and User Management
  • Cloud Control Maintenance and Tuning
  • DBAs: Manage Databases with Cloud Control
  • System and Storage Administrators: Manage Infrastructure with Cloud Control
  • Middleware Administrators: Manage Middleware with Cloud Control
  • Lifecycle Management Pack
  • Oracle Virtualization Plug-In