Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service Revealed: Rapid Application Development for Web and Mobile

  • 2h 38m
  • Sten Vesterli
  • Apress
  • 2019

Build and deploy an attractive, user-friendly web or mobile application in one day or less using Oracle’s new, low-code development tool: Visual Builder Cloud Service.

Today’s IT world is fast-paced, and the ability to rapidly deliver running code is the most crucial and sought-after skill a developer can have. Oracle has brought together their enterprise experience, advanced usability knowledge, and their best cloud engineering to produce an innovative platform giving developers unprecedented productivity.

You will learn how to use all aspects of Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service to build web or mobile applications. Using the fully browser-based development environment, you’ll gain experience with all the modern user-interface components that the tool offers for a visual, user-interface-driven, development approach. You'll also see how to use the integrated data management capabilities and existing REST data services to store your data, and learn how to easily transfer applications to a test/staging environment and later to production, while continuing to develop the next version in the development environment.

What You'll Learn

  • Build great-looking web and mobile applications in a browser-based, visual design environment
  • Define custom business logic in the visual logic editor or with JavaScript
  • Manage multiple concurrent application versions from development through staging and production
  • Define business objects with validation logic for application-specific data
  • Communicate with, and draw data from, existing REST web services
  • Use Visual Builder Cloud Service to expand Oracle SaaS solutions

Who This Book Is For

Developers at all expertise levels as well as business professionals and UX designers with an interest in using IT to quickly solve simple business problems. Because this tool is based on a modern low-code approach, no prior programming experience is necessary to benefit from the book.

About the Author

Sten Vesterli is one of the world’s leading experts on Oracle technology. He has worked with almost every development tool produced by Oracle in the last several decades, including ADF, APEX, JET, VBCS, Forms, Reports, Designer, Oracle Portal, Oracle WebDB, Oracle BPEL, Oracle Collaboration Suite, and even Oracle Power Objects.

Sten is a frequent speaker at Oracle conferences around the world and has given hundreds of presentations at Oracle OpenWorld and at ODTUG KScope, IOUG Collaborate, UKOUG, DOAG, and many other user group conferences around the world. His presentations are highly rated by the participants and he has received the ODTUG best speaker award twice.

Known for his ability to explain technology clearly, Sten writes the popular Oracle Watch newsletter and articles for Oracle Profit, Oracle Scene and other publications. He has previously written five books on Oracle technologies and is excited to present this first book on Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service.

Sten was a member of Oracle’s elite Oracle ACE Director program for a decade until his penchant for telling the unvarnished truth got him excommunicated. As an independent consultant based in Denmark, Sten works with customers worldwide, helping them get the most from their investment in Oracle software.

Sten holds a private pilot license for single-engine aircraft and his personal projects have included an Ironman and an ultramarathon in Denmark, climbing Mont Blanc in France, a two-week hike in Greenland, skydiving in Denmark, a three-week trek around Annapurna in Nepal, paragliding in the Alps, rock climbing in Sweden, glacier walking in Norway and scuba diving in Thailand. You can find Sten online at, on LinkedIn, and on twitter @stenvesterli.

In this Book

  • Building Your First Web Application
  • Building Business Objects
  • Working with Service Connections
  • Building Web Applications
  • Working with Data
  • Logic in the Business Layer
  • Logic in the User Interface
  • Using the Visual Builder Add-in for Excel
  • Building Mobile Applications
  • VBCS Security
  • Managing Applications
  • Enterprise Development with VBCS
  • Integrating with Process Cloud Service


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