Orbital Mechanics for Engineering Students, Second Edition

  • 7h 46m
  • Howard Curtis
  • Elsevier Science and Technology Books, Inc.
  • 2010
  • NEW: Reorganized and improved discusions of coordinate systems, new discussion on perturbations and quarternions
  • NEW: Increased coverage of attitude dynamics, including new Matlab algorithms and examples in chapter 10
  • New examples and homework problems


  • A complete, stand-alone text for this core aerospace engineering subject
  • NEW: updated throughout, with new coverage of perturbations, Lambert's problem, attitude dynamics, and techniques for numerically integrating orbits
  • NEW: more examples and homework problems, more Matlab algorithms

In this Book

  • Dynamics of Point Masses
  • The Two-Body Problem
  • Orbital Position as a Function of Time
  • Orbits in Three Dimensions
  • Preliminary Orbit Determination
  • Orbital Maneuvers
  • Relative Motion and Rendezvous
  • Interplanetary Trajectories
  • Rigid-Body Dynamics
  • Satellite Attitude Dynamics
  • Rocket Vehicle Dynamics
  • References
  • A Road Map