Organization Development: Principles, Processes, Performance

  • 7h 25m
  • Gary N. McLean
  • Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • 2006

Designed for use in undergraduate and graduate programs in organization development, management, human resource development, and industrial and organizational psychology, Organization Development provides readers with an overview of the field and acquaints them with the basic principles, practices, values, and skills of OD. Covering every aspect of the work of an OD professional and featuring numerous illustrative case studies, it shows how OD professionals actually get work and what the first steps in any OD effort should be.

In this Book

  • What Is Organization Development?
  • Entry—Marketing and Contracting
  • Start-up and Systems Theory
  • Organizational Assessment and Feedback
  • Action Planning and Introduction to Interventions
  • Implementation—Individual Level
  • Implementation—Team and Interteam Levels
  • Implementation—Process Level
  • Implementation—Global Level
  • Implementation—Organizational Level
  • Implementation—Community and National Levels
  • Evaluation of Processes and Results
  • Adoption of Changes and Follow-up
  • Reasons for Separation from the Organization
  • Ethics and Values Driving OD
  • Competencies for OD
  • Issues Facing OD and Its Future
  • References


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