Organizational Decision Making

  • 9h 23m
  • Zur Shapira (ed)
  • Cambridge University Press
  • 1997

Decision making in organizations is often pictured as a coherent and rational process in which alternative interests and perspectives are considered in an orderly manner until the best choice is selected. Yet, as most experienced members of organizations will attest, real decision processes seldom fit such a description. This book brings together researchers who focus on cognitive aspects of decision processes, along with those who study organizational aspects such as conflict, incentives, power and ambiguity. These multiple perspectives are intended to further our understanding of organizational decision making. Contributors often cite specific cases, and all foundations of organizational decision making are covered in considerable detail.

In this Book

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Understanding How Decisions Happen in Organizations
  • Trying to Help S&Ls—How Organizations With Good Intentions Jointly Enacted Disaster
  • Organizational Choice Under Ambiguity—Decision Making in the Chemical Industry Following Bhopal
  • Strategic Agenda Building in Organizations
  • The Social Ideologies of Power in Organizational Decisions
  • Managerial Incentives in Organizations—Economic, Political, and Symbolic Perspectives
  • Coordination in Organizations—A Game-Theoretic Perspective
  • The Escalation of Commitment—An Update and Appraisal
  • The Possibility of Distributed Decision Making
  • Aligning the Residuals—Risk, Return, Responsibility, and Authority
  • Organizational Decision Making as Rule Following
  • Naturalistic Decision Making and The New Organizational Context
  • Telling Decisions—The Role of Narrative in Organizational Decision Making
  • Bounded Rationality, Indeterminacy, and The Managerial Theory of the Firm
  • The Scarecrow’s Search—A Cognitive Psychologist’s Perspective on Organizational Decision Making


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