People-Centric Management: How Leaders Use Four Agile Levers to Succeed in the New Dynamic Business Context

  • 2h 50m
  • Lukas Michel
  • LID Publishing Ltd
  • 2020

This book argues that people-centric leadership is essential to succeed in the new dynamic business context. It offers four agile levers for leaders to unlock the full potential of people and turn valuable business opportunities into value for society. The challenge for leaders is to balance the tensions between the changing business context and the needs of people to apply their potential. People are at the centre of attention in this book. To unlock the full talent of people and succeed in a dynamic context, people need a work environment which differs from traditional organizations. It’s an organization with tools, capabilities, and a culture designed for people. It caters to the individual. Organizations that want to deliver superior outcomes in a dynamic environment require agility – agile tools, agile capabilities – and a culture with a shared mindset that enables people to serve customers.

About the Author

Lukas Michel has 30 years' senior executive experience in global firms, supporting executives worldwide with agile management, enabling organizations to make step-changes in performance, innovation and growth. His consulting company, Agility Insights, is now present in 10 countries. He is the author of the THE PERFORMANCE TRIANGLE and MANAGEMENT DESIGN (both published by LID), which he uses regularly to support his client work. He is an Associate of the Peter Drucker Society and his work has been featured as part of the leading conversation at the annual Global Drucker Forum in Vienna. As a thought-leader on the subject of agility, he frequently publishes in journals, lectures at universities and speaks at recognized management forums around the world.

In this Book

  • The New Business Context
  • Four People-Centric Levers
  • Know with Clarity
  • Move in One Direction
  • Mobilize the Energy
  • Maintain the Focus
  • Aligning the Levers
  • The Enabling Mode
  • The People-Centric Shift
  • The Dual Operating System
  • It's a Transformation
  • With People in Mind