Perl Programming for the Absolute Beginner

  • 5h 5m
  • Jerry Lee Ford, Jr.
  • Cengage Course PTR
  • 2007

Perl is an enormously popular scripting language that runs on many different operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X, and provides programmers with a robust and powerful programming language that is easy to learn, yet sufficiently complex to tackle just about any job. As such, it's a perfect programming language for those new to programming to learn. Perl Programming for the Absolute Beginner has been designed to teach you how to develop Perl scripts and to help you become an effective programmer, and teaches concepts through the creation of simple games. Whether you are an experienced programmer looking to learn another language or you are reading this book as the first step in your programming career, you will find that this book's games-based teaching approach makes the learning process a lot more enjoyable. You will also find that the knowledge you'll gain from developing Perl-based games will provide you with a strong foundation from which you can branch out and tackle more complex challenges.

About the Author

Jerry Lee Ford, Jr. is an author, educator, and IT professional with more than 17 years of experience in information technology, including roles as an automation analyst, technical manager, technical support analyst, automation engineer, security analyst, and instructor. He is the author of 16 books and co-author of 2 additional books. His published works include Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition Programming for the Absolute Beginner, VBScript Professional Projects, Learn VBScript in a Weekend, Microsoft Windows Shell Scripting for the Absolute Beginner, and Learn JavaScript in a Weekend.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Perl Basics
  • Working with Strings, Numbers, and Operators
  • Controlling Program Flow
  • Working with Collections of Data
  • Improving Script Organization and Structure
  • Scope and Modules
  • Regular Expressions
  • Debugging
  • Glossary