Perspectives on Consumer Behaviour: Theoretical Aspects and Practical Applications

  • 7h 18m
  • Włodzimierz Sroka
  • Springer
  • 2020

This book explores key factors associated with consumer behaviour, from both a theoretical and practical perspective. It particularly focuses on the consumer in the 21st century – educated and conscious, but also impatient, disloyal and capricious. The book is divided into three main parts: the first part discusses the theoretical and legal aspects of consumers’ behaviour, analysing the government's role in regulating consumer behaviour and the role of the European Union. The second part then examines organisational strategies, such as omni-channel retailing and branding products. And lastly, the third part describes consumer behaviours in the context of individual products and services, from coffee to energy.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Current Aspects of Consumer Behaviour in Central European Countries
  • Willingness to Reduce Food Choice in Favour of Sustainable Alternatives—The Role of Government and Consumer Behaviour
  • Harmonised Protection of Consumer Behaviour—The Holistic Comparative Message about its Effectiveness and Efficiency from Legislative and Judicial Perspectives
  • Multidimensional Analysis of Consumer Behaviour on the European Digital Market
  • The Black Box of Consumer Behaviour and Brand Value Perception—Case Study of the Slovak Republic
  • Analysis of Consumer Behaviour in the Networked Environment—Case Study of the Slovak Republic
  • Sustainable Consumption Behaviour in Poland Through a PLS-SEM Model
  • Coffee Consumer Segmentation—Implications for Producers and Sellers
  • Identification of the Reasons Why Individual Consumers Purchase Dietary Supplements
  • The Behavioural Profiles of Energy Consumers—Comparison of the Decision Tree Method and the Logit Model
  • How Much Might a Beer Cost in a Fancy Resort? A Possible Replication of Thaler’s Well-Known Experiment
  • Omni-Channel Retailing Strategy and Research Agenda
  • How Marketing Shapes the Behaviour of Culture Participants
  • Determinants of Purchasing Decisions of Restaurant Consumers—A Case Study Analysis
  • Consumer Behaviour and Private Donations—The Effect of Marketing Communication and the Reputation of Non-Profit Organisations