Powerful Storytelling Techniques

  • 38m
  • David Lee
  • Association for Talent Development
  • 2012

It has been said that everyone has a story to tell. As a trainer, coach, or learning facilitator, you probably have an arsenal of anecdotes from your personal and professional experience that you mainly enjoy sharing over lunch. This Infoline will show you how to use those stories as powerful tools in the classroom or boardroom to energize your training and inspire your audience.

Storytelling expert David Lee outlines seven different story types and presents tips for using them to make your presentations and training memorable and compelling. Learn how to let stories do the heavy lifting when you need to

  • introduce new-hires to organizational culture
  • alter perspectives without alienating the audience
  • gain learners’ trust in you and your message
  • deliver difficult feedback or sensitive messages
  • inspire learner confidence around challenging subject matter
  • make your training extra-sticky.

The Infoline also includes a checklist to help you determine what type of stories work best in certain business situations and a job aid to help you sharpen your analogy-building skills.

About the Author

David Lee, the founder of www.HumanNatureAtWork.com and www.StoriesThatChange.com is an internationally recognized thought leader in the area of optimizing employee performance. He is the author of almost 100 articles and book chapters published in the U.S., Europe, Asia, India, and Australia. He has been using and teaching storytelling as a teaching and coaching modality for over 25 years.

In this Book

  • Powerful Storytelling Techniques
  • Preface
  • Types of Stories and Their Uses
  • Illustration, Explanation, and Impact Stories and Analogies
  • “This Is Who We Are and What We’re Proud of” Stories
  • Perspective Change Stories
  • “I Didn’t Think I Could Do It…But I Did!” Stories
  • “So I Said to Him ‘_________’” Stories
  • “Flight Simulator” Stories
  • Cool Scientific Research Stories
  • How to Become a “Story-Catcher”
  • References & Resources
  • Job Aids