PowerShell Fast Track: Hacks for Non-Coders, 1st Edition

  • 50m
  • Vikas Sukhija
  • Apress
  • 2021

Create complex scripts in PowerShell and learn how to connect them to cloud services like Azure and Azure AD. This book will help you learn PowerShell by providing small “cheat” snippets that you can combine to write efficient and effective scripts.

PowerShell Fast Track starts with the basics of PowerShell before moving on to discuss functions like date and logs, along with concepts such as inputs for your scripts. Author Vikas Sukhija then walks you through interactive input and Snapins modules, where you will learn GUI button prompts and how to import sessions. He’ll then show you how to report errors through email and log errors to a text file. Reporting CSV (Comma Separate Value) is discussed next, followed by a demonstration of miscellaneous functions, including how to connect your PowerShell scripts with Azure, SharePoint, Teams and other services. As you progress further, you’ll see how PowerShell provides powerful features for automation that can be leveraged for managing your Teams workload. Finally, using practical examples, you will learn how to implement and create scripts for day-to-day usage.

After reading this book, you will be able to hit the ground running and use PowerShell’s powerful features in your own work.

You will:

  • Utilize code Snippets to perform practical tasks
  • Combine the code to create more complex scripts.
  • Understand logging and reporting
  • Connect to various products such as Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, and AzureAD

About the Author

Vikas Sukhija has over a decade of IT infrastructure experience with expertise in Messaging, Collaboration & IT automations utilizing PowerShell, PowerApps , Power Automate and other tools. He is currently working as a Global Director at Golden Five Consulting in Canada. He is also a Blogger, Architect, Microsoft MVP and is known by the name TechWizard. As an experienced professional he is assisting small to large enterprises in architecting, implementing, and automating Microsoft 365 and Azure.

In this Book

  • PowerShell Basics
  • Date and Logs
  • Input to Your Scripts
  • Interactive Input
  • Adding Snapins/ Modules
  • Sending Email
  • Error Reporting
  • Reporting
  • Miscellaneous Keywords
  • Gluing it All Together