PowerShell for Beginners: Learn PowerShell 7 Through Hands-On Mini Games

  • 2h 18m
  • Ian Waters
  • Apress
  • 2021

Learn the basic tools and commands to write scripts in PowerShell 7. This hands-on guide is designed to get you up and running on PowerShell quickly - introducing interactive menus, reading and writing files, and creating code that talks over the network to other scripts, with mini games to facilitate learning.

PowerShell for Beginners starts with an introduction to PowerShell and its components. It further discusses the various tools and commands required for writing scripts in PowerShell 7, with learning reinforced by writing mini games. You will learn how to use variables and conditional statements for writing scripts followed by loops and arrays. You will then work with functions and classes in PowerShell. Moving forward, you will go through the PowerShell Console, customizing the title and text colors. Along the way you will see how to read a key press and make sound in PowerShell. The final sections cover game engine layout, how to build a title screen, and implementing the game design using code flow, title screens, levels, and much more.

After reading the book you will be able to begin working with PowerShell 7 scripts and understand how to use its tools and commands effectively.

You will:

  • Use Microsoft Visual Studio Code to develop scripts
  • Understand variables, loops and conditional statements in PowerShell
  • Work with scripts to develop a game
  • Discover and use ASCII art generators
  • Comprehend game objects and code
  • Create client-server scripts that communicate over a network
  • Read and write to files
  • Capture input from the keyboard
  • Make PowerShell speak words to help the visually impaired
  • Create text-based adventure games

About the Author

Ian Waters works for Southern IT Networks Ltd as the technical director. He works with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) striving to provide the best possible IT support services to businesses in the south east of England. Ian has an overall experience of 15 years in IT where he has been working on Windows Server, Exchange, Active Directory, Microsoft 365, PowerShell, and many more. He is a frequent blogger and posts articles related to Microsoft’s new technologies on Slash Admin.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Beginners' Guide to PowerShell and Visual Studio Code
  • Variables
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops
  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • Classes
  • Customizing the Console
  • User Input
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Getting Colorful
  • ASCII Table
  • Cursor Control
  • Background Processing
  • Networking
  • Working with Files
  • Sound
  • Game Engine
  • Creating Game Artwork
  • PowerBomber