Practical Hive: A Guide to Hadoop's Data Warehouse System

  • 3h 57m
  • Andreas François Vermeulen, Ankur Gupta, David Kjerrumgaard, Scott Shaw
  • Apress
  • 2016

Dive into the world of SQL on Hadoop and get the most out of your Hive data warehouses. This book is your go-to resource for using Hive: authors Scott Shaw, Ankur Gupta, David Kjerrumgaard, and Andreas Francois Vermeulen take you through learning HiveQL, the SQL-like language specific to Hive, to analyze, export, and massage the data stored across your Hadoop environment. From deploying Hive on your hardware or virtual machine and setting up its initial configuration to learning how Hive interacts with Hadoop, MapReduce, Tez and other big data technologies, Practical Hive gives you a detailed treatment of the software.

In addition, this book discusses the value of open source software, Hive performance tuning, and how to leverage semi-structured and unstructured data.

What You Will Learn

  • Install and configure Hive for new and existing datasets
  • Perform DDL operations
  • Execute efficient DML operations
  • Use tables, partitions, buckets, and user-defined functions
  • Discover performance tuning tips and Hive best practices

About the Authors

Scott Shaw has over fifteen years of data management experience. He has worked as both an Oracle and SQL Server DBA. He has worked as a consultant on Microsoft business intelligence projects utilizing both Tabular and OLAP models and co-authored two T-SQL books by Apress. Scott also enjoys speaking across the country about distributed computing, Big Data concepts, business intelligence, Hive, and the value of Hadoop. Scott works as a Sr. Solutions Engineer for Hortonworks and lives in Saint Louis.

Andreas Francois Vermeulen is Consulting Manager of Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science, and Computational Analytics at Sopra-Steria, doctoral researcher at University of Dundee and St Andrews on future concepts in massive distributed computing, mechatronics, big data, business intelligence, and deep learning. He owns and incubates the "Rapid Information Factory" data processing framework. Active in developing next-generation processing frameworks and mechatronics engineering with over thirty-five years of international experience in data processing, software development and system architecture. Andre is a data scientist, doctoral trainer, corporate consultant, principal systems architect, and speaker/author/columnist on data science, distributed computing, big data, business intelligence, and deep learning. Andre took his bachelor's at the North West University at Potchefstroom, his Master of Business Administration at the University of Manchester, Master of Business Intelligence and Data Science at University of Dundee, and Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Dundee and St Andrews.

Ankur Gupta is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Hortonworks. He has over fourteen years of experience in data management, working as a Data Architect and Oracle DBA. Before joining the world of big data, he was working as an Oracle Consultant for Investment Banks in the UK. He is a regular speaker on big data concepts, Hive, Hadoop, Oracle in various events and is an author of Oracle Goldengate 11g Complete Cookbook. Ankur has a Masters’ degree in Computer Science & International Business. He is a Hadoop Certified Administrator & Oracle Certified Professional and lives in London.

David Kjerrumgaard is a systems architect at Hortonworks. He has 20 years of experience in software development and is a Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop (CCDH). Kjerrumgaard is the author of Data Governance with Apache Falcon and Cloudera Developer Training for Apache Hadoop. He took his BS and MS in Computer Science from Kent State University.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Setting the Stage for Hive—Hadoop
  • Introducing Hive
  • Hive Architecture
  • Hive Tables DDL
  • Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • Loading Data into Hive
  • Querying Semi-Structured Data
  • Hive Analytics
  • Performance Tuning—Hive
  • Hive Security
  • The Future of Hive


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