Practical Development Without Code: Customizing Salesforce on the Platform

  • 4h 34m
  • Philip Weinmeister
  • Apress
  • 2015

Are you facing a challenging problem--say, relating to automation, configuration, formulation, or reporting--that you can't quite crack? Or maybe you are hoping to infuse some creativity into your solution design strategy to solve problems faster or make solutions more efficient? Practical Development Without Code shows you how to unlock the power of the platform to solve real business problems--and all without writing a line of code. Adhering to's "clicks, not code" mantra, expert Phil Weinmeister walks you through different business problems and identifies effective, creative--and proven--approaches to solutions using the platform's declarative framework.

If you are a administrator, analyst, consultant, or developer, you can attest to the insatiable appetite of users for new functionality. Your clients expect solutions--and now. By adopting Practical Development Without Code as your guide, you will learn how to deliver business solutions within by combining analysis, creativity, and logic with some of its core elements, including validation rules, workflow rules, and formula fields. In addition, Weinmeister dissects and explains the most useful functions and features for developers, and shows you how to use them. Among other things, you will learn how to:

  • Build objects, fields, and relationships to establish a sensible data model
  • Automate business processes by using workflow rules and flows (Visual Workflow)
  • Utilize functions and develop formulas effectively for a variety of business needs
  • Develop intricate approval processes to handle exception scenarios
  • Employ publisher actions to drive additional functionality from the Chatter feed
  • Manage your data using Data Loader

Best of all, Weinmeister uses real-life business scenarios and visuals to keep you engaged and learning something new with every page you read. Practical Development Without Code will help you absorb the principles behind dozens of creative and thoughtful ways to solve your business problems. Applying the lessons learned from this how-to guide will ultimately save you time and ensure that your clients or internal customers are well satisfied and productive.

What you'll learn

  • How to develop within without the use of code
  • How to deliver business solutions within using various native elements, including validation rules, workflow rules, formula fields, and flows
  • Effective use of various features

About the Author

Phil Weinmeister is a principal business analyst at EDL Consulting where he is focused on implementations and custom solutions tailored to client needs. Phil is a Certified Developer, as well as a Certified Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Service Cloud Consultant, and Sales Cloud Consultant. He has delivered numerous solutions to a variety of organizations on the platform since 2010. Most recently, he has held key roles in designing and implementing custom Community Cloud solutions that combine social collaboration (Chatter) and e-commerce functionality (CloudCraze).

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a double major in Business Administration (with a focus on information technology) and Spanish, Phil now resides in Powder Springs, Georgia.

In this Book

  • The Data Model: Objects, Fields, and Relationships
  • Formula Functions: Your Building Block in Formulas
  • All about Formula Fields
  • Automating Your Business with Workflow Rules
  • Enforcing Your Business Rules with Validation Rules
  • Building Effective Approval Processes for Your Business
  • Use Entitlements and Milestones to Drive Case Automation
  • Producing Advanced Automation with Visual Workflow
  • Develop Friendlier Solutions with Custom Settings
  • Streamline Your Process with Publisher Actions
  • Using Web-to-Lead Effectively and Creatively
  • Customizing the Look and Feel of for Your Users
  • Useful Features and Options for Building Reports in
  • Applying the Proper Security Model to Support Your Solutions
  • Managing Your Data with Data Loader
  • Managing Your Environments and Deploying Your Solutions
  • Next Steps in Your Path to Development Excellence